The Tuesday Tenner: Danny Brown

This week, Earhole is debuting new playlists for our E-Holes to find, enjoy, and listen to new music or old favorites throughout the week. The Tuesday Tenner will be a playlist curated by Andrew Treske where he gives ten essential songs from any artist, genre, year, month, or hyper-specific thing that strikes his fancy.

This week, the essential playlist is from everyone's favorite gaptooth rapper, Danny Brown. This playlist is partly inspired by the fact that I have been bumping Old all week and feel that it is somewhat underappreciated and partly because I watched this awesome video yesterday. Gotta love good ole' Danny Brown.

P.S. Due to the constraints of Spotify, I was unable to put THIS SONG on. If you listen to nothing else, PLEASE listen to one of my favorite posse cuts ever.

--- Find the playlist here