The Gang Worships Frank Ocean (oh, and other 2015 music)

#STAFFCHAT is a weekly feature wherein your friendly Earhole staff discusses a chosen topic. This week's topic was what music we're all most excited for in 2015. We went on entirely too many tangents.

squints [6:29 PM] sup guys
treske [6:30 PM] yo yo
importer [6:31 PM] yoooooooooooo
importer [6:34 PM] So we're already a month into 2015, but with 11 months to go I think it makes sense to talk about all of the upcoming music we're excited about
treske [6:34 PM]++++++++
squints [6:34 PM] that is this week's predetermined staff chat topic of choice, yes?
treske [6:35 PM] I am "positive" about this year's music.... LOLOLOL
importer [6:35 PM] @squints: bitch it might be
treske [6:36 PM] Ok, thank god I just got that out of my system. I accidentally butt-typed (which yes, is a thing).
treske [6:36 PM] 2015 has been solid. I am hoping for a redux of 2012 myself.
treske [6:36 PM] Last year was pretty "eh" about albums
importer [6:37 PM] I think it's safe to say that 2012 was an incredibly good year for music
squints [6:37 PM] GANGNAM STYLE
importer [6:37 PM] And I agree Treske: here in there were some gems, but overall 2014 wasn't that good a year for music
treske [6:38 PM] .
squints [6:38 PM] the highs were breathtaking (st vincent, run the jewels, glass animals, war on drugs), everything else? there have been better years
squints [6:39 PM] speaking of run the jewels: y'all ready for meow the jewels?
treske [6:40 PM] I have mixed feelings about it. I am pumped at the whole absurdity of the situation, but I would much rather them take the time to get RTJ 3 released earlier
importer [6:40 PM] who says that won't be coming this year though?
treske [6:41 PM] It will be... I am just impatient haha
squints [6:41 PM] i've been amazed at the support it's got from more mainstream hip hop artists. just blaze volunteered his entire drum sample library, and i know nas is pretty keen on it
importer [6:41 PM] Some reference for your readers
squints [6:41 PM]but yeah, when you think about it from a practical standpoint...has there ever been a rap song with a single cat sample? let alone a whole album
treske [6:42 PM] do big cats count?
treske [6:42 PM] because if so... YES
importer [6:42 PM] i can't believe i just googled "cat samples in rap"
squints [6:42 PM] i'm drawing a blank haha
squints [6:42 PM] and i did the same thing
treske [6:42 PM] off topic but big cats are soooo trill
importer [6:43 PM] people love to rag on cat people, but they don't know man
importer [6:43 PM] they hate us cuz they ain't us
squints [6:43 PM] yeah i'm a pretty big proponent of cat power
treske [6:43 PM]is she releasing something this year?
squints [6:43 PM] haha i have no idea
treske [6:44 PM] alright well let's let the "cat" out of the bag... FRANK OCEAN
squints [6:44 PM] FRANKIE O
treske [6:45 PM] Sorry, but that is what this year is about for me
importer [6:45 PM] Psy could be the only artist with new music out for all i care, as long as Frank drop his album this year
squints [6:45 PM] yeah what's the news on that
importer [6:45 PM] I'm feenin for some new jams.
importer [6:46 PM] The scary thing is we have no idea because he is a ghost on social media
importer [6:47 PM] We have two "songs" that have been released recently by him
squints [6:48 PM] i don't know how i missed these
importer [6:49 PM]

treske [6:49 PM] :pray: :pray: :pray:
squints [6:49 PM] hot damn this is smooth
importer [6:49 PM] Only a 2 minute long thought rather than a song, but any new Frank helps fill the void
treske [6:50 PM] True. But also You Are Luhh a cover of Aliyah that is absolutely gorgeous.
importer [6:50 PM] link?
treske [6:51 PM]

treske [6:51 PM] Egads,,, I am super embarrassed.
importer [6:52 PM] :oldeenglish:
treske [6:52 PM] :treske:
squints [6:52 PM] speaking of kendrick lamar lines, how about his performance on colbert? what'd y'all think of that
squints [6:52 PM] or "i" for that matter? we getting new tunes out of king kendrick
treske [6:53 PM] I gotta be honest, I really like "i" and I am very excited for where he is going.
treske [6:53 PM] I guarantee he releases an album this year
squints [6:53 PM] i'm hoping for as much thundercat on whatever he releases as possible
treske [6:53 PM] Did y'all see his performance of "i" on SNL?
importer [6:53 PM] YES
importer [6:53 PM] I was about to address it
importer [6:54 PM] what I'm most excited for about Kendrick's new album is that it'll probably be another concept album
squints [6:54 PM] i don't see how it couldn't be after the song he dropped on colbert
squints [6:54 PM] wait is he wearing tyler the creator contacts in this SNL performance
importer [6:54 PM]
importer [6:55 PM] exactly! it's a persona rather than as himself
squints [6:55 PM] shout out to the flask from the colbert performance
treske [6:56 PM] But yeah. Those two artists are why I cited 2012. They will always be linked in my head because they blessed us with absolute classics within a three month period
treske [6:56 PM] My sense: Kendrick drops off a little and Frank continues to ball out.
treske [6:57 PM] I recognize that is ballsy to say, but idk
importer [6:57 PM] Agreed. GKMC is gonna be so hard to live up to with all the critical acclaim he's received
squints [6:57 PM] which brings us to the ultimate question: new macklemore this year?
importer [6:58 PM] Define a "Macklemore", because this is an interesting subject
treske [6:58 PM] My thing with GKMC is that he told his story... Where does he go from here?
squints [6:59 PM] what actually is a macklemore? i'd google "macklemore etymology" but i'm not too keen on that being in my search history
squints [6:59 PM] anyway, trolling aside. i think k's next move is telling other people's stories
squints [6:59 PM] colbert performance = primo example
treske [6:59 PM] Is a Nas parallel fair?
squints [7:00 PM] elaborate
spinellj [7:00 PM] Ok so fuck my job
spinellj [7:00 PM] Secondly why are we talking about macklemore
squints [7:00 PM] here's that colbert performance for reference
importer [7:00 PM] we'll come back to Macklemore hahah
squints [7:01 PM] can we not? i immediately regretted that
spinellj [7:01 PM] Macklemore...more like mackleless ayyyyyy
treske [7:01 PM] I don't want to be a hater. I just don't know. Illmatic is an opus and Nas is an artist of unbelievable ability, but he is known as a king that never dominated
treske [7:02 PM] In this parallel we will say Kendrick=Nas and Drake= Jay-Z
treske [7:02 PM] Minus Reasonable Doubt
spinellj [7:02 PM] Jay said everything that needed to be known about nas on takeover
spinellj [7:02 PM] Kendrick's first album is better than anything nas has done besides illmatic I think
treske [7:03 PM] Yeah... I mean, Stillmatic is pretty dope
treske [7:03 PM] But I get your drift
importer [7:04 PM] I agree though @treske, the parallels are uncanny
treske [7:04 PM] The other parallel that I could see being a thing is Andre 3000
squints [7:04 PM] i'm listening to "ether" and it's bizarre hearing such a straight ahead diss track. "control" and the fallout from that aside, diss tracks aren't a thing anymore really
squints [7:04 PM] at least among artists with that stature
treske [7:05 PM] yeah, I mean we are talking royalty
treske [7:05 PM] It is really just where he goes from here, but think he has already gotten himself on Rushmore
importer [7:06 PM] speaking of royalty, can we discuss Kanye? I'm just as nervous as I am excited about his new album
treske [7:06 PM] Never doubt
spinellj [7:06 PM] If his new album is anythung like his new songs I think it'll be kind of a disaster
treske [7:06 PM] Keep in mind, G.O.O.D. Music came out before Yeezus
spinellj [7:06 PM] And im a Kanye Stan so I don't say that lightly
squints [7:07 PM] i'm excited for paul mccartney to finally blow up, for sure
spinellj [7:07 PM] People think thay geniuses don't fuck up but they definitely do
spinellj [7:07 PM] See that about 1/4 of Dylan albums are actually bad
spinellj [7:07 PM] Or Dylan going electric
spinellj [7:08 PM] Or the clash releasing cut the crap
treske [7:08 PM] Only One is actually beautiful though. This Rihanna thing is bullshit
squints [7:08 PM] sweet jesus don't remind me of that album
spinellj [7:08 PM] Or jay releasing mediocre to terrible albums since 2008
treske [7:08 PM] Jay is garbage now
treske [7:08 PM] DONE
treske [7:08 PM] Not even relevant in today's musical landscape
spinellj [7:09 PM] To be fair cut the crap was without joe strummer which is like the beach boys without brian wilson
spinellj [7:09 PM] Also brian Wilson's my kanye comparison get at me
importer [7:09 PM] I just think Jay ran out of stuff to rap about: we made it from the streets, then got rich, then got really rich. and that was that
squints [7:09 PM] speaking of brian wilson, y'all remember when frank ocean was supposed to be on that album? imagine how dope that would have been
spinellj [7:09 PM] He's only good when he feels threatened like on watch the throne
spinellj [7:10 PM] Ya I fantasize about brian Wilson and FrAnk ocean adopting children and molding them into musicians unlike any the pop world has ever seen
squints [7:11 PM] porter, don't forget when jay got drunk with bey and woke up in the kitchen
treske [7:11 PM] that song is SO good
importer [7:11 PM] Hhahaah true
treske [7:11 PM] I was late to it thank god
treske [7:11 PM] It still bangs for me
importer [7:12 PM] There have been reports that Ye's next album will be more accessible than Yeezus. My worry is that he becomes too accessible
squints [7:12 PM] you were late to that? how the hell did that even happen? oh baby
importer [7:12 PM] "Only One" and "fourfive seconds" are a great argument to the latter
spinellj [7:13 PM] I mean ye's always been accessible until like yeezus
importer [7:13 PM] 808's wasn't until years later
squints [7:13 PM] my favorite thing about kanye west will always be the mental image of bon iver and chief keef in the same room
spinellj [7:13 PM] Unless you count isolated incidents like we major (long) or runaway's latter half (brilliant, and longer)
spinellj [7:14 PM] 808's is like 50/50 really poppy and less accessible proto drake shit
squints [7:14 PM] "proto drake shit" lol
treske [7:14 PM] Drake is coming out with new stuff this year too
treske [7:14 PM] I :heart: Drake
squints [7:15 PM] i can't get over ilovemakkonen. he looks like jordan peele doing a parody of the weeknd
importer [7:15 PM] don't get me started
spinellj [7:15 PM] He's even got a strange plant called hair growing out his head just like Abel
squints [7:15 PM] GET STARTED PORTER
treske [7:15 PM]
treske [7:15 PM] How bout now Porter? Will you start now?
treske [7:16 PM] I also really do love ilovemakonnen
importer [7:16 PM] ilovemackonnen rant in 3
importer [7:16 PM] 2
importer [7:16 PM] 1
treske [7:16 PM] I Don't Sell Molly No More?
treske [7:16 PM] Swerve?
treske [7:16 PM] Tuesday?
importer [7:16 PM] He's a sorry excuse for an artist who is only famous because of a co-sign
spinellj [7:16 PM] Blahhhhhhhhh
squints [7:16 PM] yeah i hate to say it but maybe go back to selling molly?
spinellj [7:16 PM] I can't hear you im blasting tuesday on a tuesday
importer [7:17 PM]atrocious lyrics, meh production that's too much like 40 but not as good as 40
squints [7:17 PM]rap game rebecca black
treske [7:17 PM] Maybe I got caught up in his story. Did y'all know that he killed his best friend accidentally?
squints [7:17 PM] i'm listening
treske [7:17 PM] That stuff is heartbreaking
importer [7:17 PM] no shit. elaborate
treske [7:18 PM] The day after high school graduation he got drunk and high with his best friend and they had a gun in the car. His friend and him got in a minor tussle, just messin' around, and the gun went off and shot him in the head
squints [7:19 PM] holy shit
squints [7:19 PM] this staffchat just took a left turn
treske [7:19 PM] His name is ilovemakonnen because, "when no one loves you, you gotta figure out how to love yourself"
treske [7:19 PM] cheesy I know, but DAMN
squints [7:19 PM] alright i feel that kinda
spinellj [7:19 PM] You could be making tjst up but I believe
spinellj [7:20 PM] Also why is my walgreens playing tv on the radio what's going on
treske [7:20 PM] squints [7:20 PM] my favorite part of his bio on wikipedia is "In January 2012, Makonnen met Atlanta producer Mike Will Made It and the two had a brief professional relationship. However, due to Mike Will's busy schedule, they soon went on their separate ways."
squints [7:20 PM] ilovemakkonen was mike will's side bitch
spinellj [7:20 PM] They go from shinedown's simple man cover to halfway home and wolf like me LOL
squints [7:21 PM] hashtag carrboro
spinellj [7:21 PM] Thst cover is all time bad music, and tje original song sucks too
squints [7:21 PM] alright let's save the merits of skynyrd for another time haha
treske [7:21 PM] TRUE
spinellj [7:21 PM] Sweet home Alabama is irredeemable
treske [7:21 PM] Alright, let's get back on track
spinellj [7:21 PM] Ok
treske [7:22 PM] Top 5 Excited For Releases and the discussion can go from there
squints [7:22 PM] we're definitely circling back to that on a later date
treske [7:22 PM] I'll start
squints [7:22 PM] MODEST MOUSE
squints [7:22 PM] ...sorry
treske [7:22 PM] Disregard Frank and Kendrick
treske [7:22 PM] We covered them
importer [7:22 PM] and Ye
spinellj [7:22 PM] I'll go next because my "lunch" ends at about 730
treske [7:23 PM] Just go ahead then Jake
spinellj [7:24 PM] Wow I had the copy paste lined up and it deleted itself by android magic
spinellj [7:24 PM] Thanks Obama
spinellj [7:24 PM] Anywho
spinellj [7:25 PM] Screaming females--rose mountain
spinellj [7:25 PM] Lightning Bolt--fantasy empire
squints [7:26 PM] when's the last time lightning bolt dropped anything?
spinellj [7:26 PM] 2009
spinellj [7:27 PM] That's that real goin in music
squints [7:27 PM] thought as much. "dracula mountain" is still a i-need-to-get-shit-done classic
spinellj [7:27 PM] Riffwraith
treske [7:27 PM] lol
treske [7:27 PM] idk any of this
treske [7:27 PM] love it
importer [7:27 PM] hahaha same
squints [7:27 PM] haha that's why we do this
squints [7:27 PM] if y'all like noise rock and hate being able to hear later, lightning bolt might be for you!
spinellj [7:28 PM] Im just gonna spam band names now bc I have trouble picking 5
treske [7:28 PM] yikes, not for me
treske [7:28 PM] Love having Jake on the squad. He loves that stuff
treske [7:28 PM] Listening to Future Brown, "PUSSY WETTER THAN NEMO"
treske [7:29 PM] just thought that was notable
importer [7:29 PM] Jake while you come up with those I am a few
importer [7:29 PM] Some debut albums, some possible comebacks, and the rest pure excitement
importer [7:30 PM] Debuts: Raury, Ryn Weaver, and MisterWives
spinellj [7:30 PM] Modest mouse waxahatchee savages the Wrens mt eerie deafness chance the rapper pj harvey Giorgio Moroder spiritualized slowdive THE AVALANCHES THE AVALANCHES THE AVALANCHES
treske [7:30 PM] k I know most of those haha
treske [7:31 PM] Are we excited for new Modest Mouse?
spinellj [7:31 PM] Ya sure I imagine it'll be at least adequate
squints [7:31 PM] THE AVALANCHES. speaking of weird music choices i heard "frontier psychiatrist" in a bowling alley a week or so ago. not evening joking
spinellj [7:31 PM] Deafheaven not deafness lol
treske [7:31 PM] that music video is awesome
squints [7:31 PM] modest mouse was my pick, i'm a huge fan of the first two singles
spinellj [7:31 PM] Really that's some pastiche kinda shit
treske [7:31 PM] Deafheaven is reaaaaaaly good.
spinellj [7:31 PM] The AVALANCHES in a bowling alley
treske [7:31 PM] I don't even like that kind of music
squints [7:32 PM] wait treske you like deafheaven
treske [7:32 PM] I just think they are absolutely excellent
treske [7:32 PM] I have to have their lyrics pulled up though
squints [7:32 PM] next week on earhole: "black metal monday"
treske [7:32 PM] otherwise I have no idea what they are saying. they are actually pretty beautiful song-writers
spinellj [7:33 PM] Theres a couple electronic cuts but my shits gettinf too large and I got to go ill probanly be periodically involved in this staff chat if you guys still keep talking
treske [7:33 PM] Are we in on Raury?
squints [7:33 PM] word. yeah let's talk about modest mouse for a second
spinellj [7:33 PM] Black metal monday featuring opeth alcest meshuugah behemoth
treske [7:33 PM] Ok yeah sorry
importer [7:33 PM] I'm in big time on Raury
squints [7:33 PM] or talk about that haha
treske [7:33 PM] I think that their album will be aight
treske [7:34 PM] I guess for me I would always rather listen to moon and antarctica
treske [7:34 PM] STILL have not gotten tired of that album
squints [7:34 PM] idk, i actually really like modest mouse when their at their poppiest
squints [7:34 PM] the drums on "lampshades on fire" are too fuego
importer [7:35 PM] I heard "Dramamine" in a ski movie and now that's a road trip classic for me
treske [7:35 PM] I will listen right now
squints [7:35 PM] and did y'all hear the new MM song that dropped the other day
importer [7:35 PM] "The Best Room"?
squints [7:35 PM] yep
treske [7:35 PM]
treske [7:36 PM] It is solid but forgettable for me
squints [7:36 PM]

squints [7:36 PM] it's just so damn bouncy
importer [7:36 PM] I wasn't crazy about it, but they're not really my cup of tea
treske [7:36 PM] bouncy is the best adjective. I was literally bouncing when you said that
squints [7:37 PM] yeah, there's definitely two sides to modest mouse and i honestly really like both
squints [7:38 PM] but i'm listening to raury for the first time now and hella feeling it
importer [7:38 PM] big shoutout to Joey Weissburg for putting me onto Raury
importer [7:38 PM] importer [7:38 PM] He opened for Outkast and Childish Gambino in Atlanta this summer to rave reviews
treske [7:38 PM] I like Cigarette Song more than that one actually
importer [7:39 PM] link that ish
treske [7:39 PM] He has grown on me quite a lot
spinellj [7:39 PM] Haven't listened to any of it what does it sound like
treske [7:39 PM]
importer [7:39 PM] he's kinda hard to define
importer [7:39 PM] does some singing, some rapping
importer [7:40 PM] one moment you'll hear andre 3k, other times r kelly, other times John Mayer
treske [7:40 PM] whoa... you really are all in
importer [7:40 PM] which is exciting because genre-defying artists are my bag
importer [7:40 PM]maybe not up to all of their levels, but he has a lot of potential
treske [7:41 PM] Kaytranada is going to go ape shit this year
importer [7:41 PM] Also, his verse on Joey Bada$$'s album is stupid good
treske [7:41 PM] Y'all know him? He has a major label release in March and I am positively giddy about it
importer [7:42 PM] I don't but you've been all about him recently
treske [7:42 PM] Hip-hop, funk, electronic, disco= he is the man
squints [7:42 PM] heard the song with vic mensa from filet mig for sure
importer [7:42 PM] ^SHAMELESS PLUG
treske [7:42 PM] perfect summer stuff
treske [7:42 PM]
treske [7:43 PM] This was in my OTY's
squints [7:43 PM] real talk: did joey badass drop the cleverest album title of all time
treske [7:43 PM] I cringe when I hear his name
treske [7:43 PM] It is so bad
importer [7:43 PM] i think so. how high was he when he decided to name the album that
squints [7:44 PM] [10]
importer [7:44 PM] I have a few comebacks I'm excited for that we should address
importer [7:44 PM] the first is Kid Cudi. Man on the Moon 3 drops this years
squints [7:45 PM] oh hell yeah
treske [7:45 PM] yikes
treske [7:45 PM] VERY little interest in Cudi
treske [7:46 PM] he's washed
importer [7:46 PM] idk
treske [7:46 PM] ilovemakonnen>Cudi
importer [7:47 PM] i haven't fully given up yet. MOTM I and II were so monumental to very important parts of my life
treske [7:47 PM] MOTMII?
treske [7:47 PM] really?
importer [7:47 PM] Treske, we became friends from Jamming to MOTM2 in Jules' room
treske [7:47 PM] not true
importer [7:47 PM] for an entire semester
treske [7:47 PM] you were jamming
treske [7:47 PM] i was not
importer [7:47 PM] mustve been lonely in that dorm, we were all feeling it
treske [7:48 PM] I NEEDED FRIENDS OK
importer [7:48 PM] hahahah WE ALL DID
importer [7:48 PM] okay the 2nd one
importer [7:48 PM] Treske won't like this
importer [7:49 PM] But Red Hot Chili Peppers returns. I prefer later RHCP to earlier RHCP, so that's my reason for excitement
treske [7:49 PM] YUCK
squints [7:49 PM] george clinton RHCP > anything
treske [7:49 PM] Blood Sex Sugar Magic
importer [7:49 PM] Where's Sami when I need him
treske [7:49 PM] Seminal album
treske [7:49 PM] They are washed now
squints [7:50 PM] treske's a hater. I FEEL YOU PORTS
treske [7:50 PM] I genuinely am a hater haha
importer [7:50 PM] Stadium Arcadium was an amazing album. Good songs all over the place. And I'm With You had its moments, just not a complete work
squints [7:51 PM] someone's got to
squints [7:51 PM] alright well how about ghostface about to have the biggest 2015 of anyone
treske [7:51 PM] YES
treske [7:51 PM] I am legit suuuuuuuuper excited for that BBNG album
squints [7:51 PM] supreme clientele 2 AND the MF doom collab
spinellj [7:52 PM] Rhcp had one good album and one decent one (blood sugar and californication
treske [7:52 PM] MF Doom da GOOOOOOD
squints [7:52 PM] supreme clientele = best wu tang solo album
treske [7:52 PM] AHHHH.... It burns.... Raekwon is SO good.... but you right
squints [7:52 PM] spinellj [7:52 PM] Fishscale and only built for Cuban linx 1 actually
treske [7:52 PM] I just got into that album a couple summers ago
importer [7:52 PM]
treske [7:53 PM] I was pacing around a Dubai airport just losing my SHIT to that album. Stank facing SO hard
squints [7:53 PM] :treske:
importer [7:54 PM] :treske:
treske [7:54 PM] Grimes? Anyone?
treske [7:54 PM] I think she is fantastic
squints [7:54 PM] all about some grimes
spinellj [7:54 PM] Visions is good but overrated imo
treske [7:54 PM] Also new Purity Ring
spinellj [7:54 PM] Though oblivion MY GOD it's good
importer [7:54 PM] Tame Impala
spinellj [7:55 PM] Django django
squints [7:55 PM] did you see pitchfork named that best song of 2010-14
treske [7:55 PM] that was SUCH bullshit
treske [7:55 PM] Pyramids is the best ever
treske [7:55 PM] Oh shit... you right
squints [7:55 PM] aaaand we're full circle
importer [7:56 PM] shit, now we gotta end it
squints [7:56 PM] frank ocean = GOAT
squints [7:56 PM] this is going to be a nightmare to format
treske [7:56 PM] Jamie xx, Nico Jaar, Future Brown, Dornik, Jai Paul
importer [7:57 PM] JAI PAUL, Tame Impala, Chance, the Rapper and The Social Experiment, Action Bronson
spinellj [7:57 PM] Jaaaaarrrr tho
spinellj [7:58 PM John talabot
importer [7:58 PM] Toro Y Moi
treske [7:58 PM] ^^^ Talabot sooo dope
squints [7:58 PM] action bronson, clipse, yelawolf/big krit
treske [7:59 PM] wait... are those last two serious?
squints [7:59 PM] according to wikipedia
treske [7:59 PM] clipse is releasing a new album?
squints [7:59 PM]
treske [7:59 PM] is pharrell involved?
treske [7:59 PM] cause if not then I don't even consider it Clipse
spinellj [7:59 PM] Close whatttttttt
spinellj [7:59 PM] Clipse*
spinellj [8:00 PM] Damn autocorrect
squints [8:00 PM] this might just be an overzealous clipse stan wikipedia editor haha
treske [8:01 PM] Yelawolf/Big Krit= the Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. of our generation
squints [8:01 PM] amen. and on that note, i'm calling this staffchat over
treske [8:01 PM] peace
squints [8:01 PM] :treske: