The Gang Talks Song Of The Summer

Now that we are halfway through the summer, the writers at Earhole reunited to debate the Song of the Summer. It didn't take long to pick the favorite, but plenty of other nominees were discussed in classic Earhole fashion.

importer [9:00 PM] squints [9:01 PM] RIP phil lynott.
dkataja [9:01 PM] Yo ask Ethan about the best rendition of that song he's ever seen live
importer [9:02 PM] Hey Ethan what was the best rendition of that song you've ever seen live?
squints [9:02 PM] there was this cover band i saw one time in chapel hill that did a pretty good rendition of it
squints [9:03 PM] most everything else was pretty bad but they pulled it together for that one
dkataja [9:03 PM] whoa whoa whoa
dkataja [9:03 PM] I distinctly remember you dancing to Uptown Funk
squints [9:03 PM] both times y’all played it
dkataja [9:03 PM] worst / best encore of all time
importer [9:04 PM] elaborate
squints [9:04 PM] plan 9 from outer space of encores for sure
dkataja [9:04 PM] We're talking about the show the cover band I was in played in Chapel Hill in April
dkataja [9:06 PM] the band joked later that that show was everything all once. our intro tour, our farewell tour, and our really ill-advised reunion tour
dkataja [9:06 PM] All in one show
dkataja [9:06 PM] James did a powerslide during Yellow Ledbetter. Legendary
treske [9:06 PM] ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
importer [9:07 PM] And with that, Earhole is officially reunited!
squints [9:07 PM] “I DON’T KNOW IF IT WAS A BOX OR OR THE BAG” - eddie vedder after drinking a whole thing of franzia, trying to remember how he was drinking it
dkataja [9:07 PM] Vedder absolutely slaps the bag
importer [9:08 PM] Darren you remember that Wisconsin girl who was a school for a semester who said "slaps the bag" with a hilarious midwestern accent?
dkataja [9:08 PM] Minnesotan friend K.C. probably says it weird though
dkataja [9:08 PM] Did this happen?
dkataja [9:08 PM] Or is this a joke I don't get
importer [9:09 PM] hahah it's probably too inside of a joke, all good
dkataja [9:09 PM] Okay so. We know what's not the song of the summer
dkataja [9:10 PM] Which leads to one obvious question
dkataja [9:10 PM] What is?
importer [9:10 PM] Nailed that transition
treske [9:10 PM] Lolsaplenty
treske [9:10 PM] Currently constructing a playlist for a party this evening
importer [9:10 PM] I think we've all agreed upon one SOTS, should we start or finish with it?
treske [9:11 PM] How much Young Thug is too much Young Thug?
treske [9:11 PM] IDK actually....
treske [9:11 PM] Not a gimme just yet!
squints [9:11 PM] we had a potential hire come in to the office today, and i made sure Thugger was playing through my headphones as loudly as possible so he’d know what he was getting in for
squints [9:12 PM] (to be clear: the 9 to 5 gig. earhole doesn’t have offices yet)
importer [9:13 PM] (yet)
importer [9:13 PM] Okay, no dancing around this one: "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" by Jamie xx ft. Young Thug and Popcaan is THE Earhole go-to SOTS
treske [9:13 PM] Yeah.... I mean.... I am pretty cool with that designation
treske [9:13 PM] Everything about it is great
treske [9:13 PM] Imagining Thugger and Jamie xx communicating
treske [9:14 PM] Thinking of pussy and stroller
importer [9:14 PM] Easily the funniest line of the year
treske [9:14 PM] Which doesn't even make sense
importer [9:14 PM] Fun story behind it:
dkataja [9:15 PM]
importer [9:16 PM] This is a song I blare in the office at least once a day. There haven't been any complaints about it because it's amazing. Today a coworker on the voiceover side (a little stricter than the music side) came over and told me how much he loves that line, which he only heard because it's the line i make sure to rap to whenever I listen to it
importer [9:17 PM] And he has since become a huge fan of it
squints [9:17 PM] followup: it’s not an uncommon thing for ian and i to snapchat each other video selfies of us listening to that line
importer [9:17 PM] #factsonly
squints [9:17 PM] like literally just shots of our faces with that line playing in the background
squints [9:17 PM] fun story of my own:
dkataja [9:18 PM] I need to start doing that
dkataja [9:18 PM] my employer would not look upon it as favorably though
squints [9:18 PM] i went to the beach a few weekends ago with two friends and a bunch of girls i didn’t know. one of my friends had expressed to me beforehand: “ethan, please no young thug"
treske [9:18 PM] LOLOL
squints [9:19 PM] i made a point to sneak that song onto the playlist every few hours or so as we kept drinking
squints [9:19 PM] first text i got after i left on sunday: “hey, what’s that song you kept playing? the ‘i’m gonna ride in that pussy like a stroller’ song?"
dkataja [9:19 PM] the long con
dkataja [9:20 PM] please tell me you were pretentious when you broke him the news
squints [9:20 PM] well it was a her who texted me
dkataja [9:20 PM] oh
dkataja [9:20 PM] well, were you pretentious?
squints [9:20 PM] …it was a him who told me not to play young thug
squints [9:21 PM] i realize my execution of this story was sloppy
importer [9:21 PM] psssshhhhh
treske [9:21 PM] I mean... Thugger has really ran this shit this summer
dkataja [9:21 PM] Oh I get it
treske [9:21 PM] however.... This also must be the summer of Fetty
treske [9:21 PM] importer [9:21 PM] You guys, I'm down with Fetty
dkataja [9:21 PM] Is anyone NOT down with Fetty?
dkataja [9:21 PM] like, anyone?
dkataja [9:22 PM] This old couple walking their dog in Winston-Salem, NC were nodding along to Trap Queen
importer [9:22 PM] My cubemate Arianna is NOT down with Fetty. If she's reading this, consider this your public shaming!
treske [9:22 PM] squints [9:23 PM] trap queen i can fuck with. especially the remix with gucci mane
dkataja [9:23 PM] That remix is better imho
importer [9:23 PM] And Quavo of Migos, fully agree
squints [9:25 PM] we’re talking songs of the summer, not songs-to-listen-to-ironically-while-working-on-thanksgiving-dinner-a-few-months-from-now
importer [9:25 PM] YOU NEVER KNOW DOE
squints [9:26 PM] although preemptive prediction that that’s going to take over “birthday song”’s spot #YAMSEVERYWHERE
importer [9:26 PM] Birthday Song came out right when I turned 21
importer [9:26 PM] it was amazing
dkataja [9:27 PM] Question
dkataja [9:28 PM] I should probably know this, but can someone inform our readers (and me) what 17-38 means?
importer [9:29 PM] Had to search Rap Genius, but it's the name of his rap squaaaaaaaaaaad (him, Montana Buck and P-Nice)
importer [9:29 PM] Originating from Rémy Martin
squints [9:29 PM] SQUAAAAAAAW
importer [9:31 PM] Classic bars/ad-libs are prime of SOTS qualification
dkataja [9:32 PM] I'm also down with the trend of EDM-ish dudes getting with rappers and makin dope music
dkataja [9:32 PM] Jamie xx and Young Thug, Baauer and Fetty
dkataja [9:33 PM] And treske's right -- imagining the conversations between Jamie xx and Thugger is hilarious
importer [9:33 PM] Thugger's verse is excellent in "Good Times", xx's production is what put it over the top
dkataja [9:33 PM] Like, where's their common ground?
dkataja [9:34 PM] You think jamie smoked with him?
dkataja [9:34 PM] And just listened to thugger talk about some crazy shit while sitting there all quiet and British
dkataja [9:35 PM] I want to know how Jamie reacted when he first heard the pussy in the stroller line
squints [9:35 PM] ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
treske [9:36 PM] The way we all do
treske [9:36 PM] With intense excitement
treske [9:37 PM] Also, I will say that The Weeknd has really challenged the "Good Times" throne?
importer [9:37 PM] Absolutely, going full MJ on "I Can't Feel My Face"
dkataja [9:37 PM] importer [9:39 PM] So happy to see him crossover
treske [9:39 PM] Super danceable, super poppy, super awesome
treske [9:39 PM] I actually think that just generally, this is the real winner of SOTS
dkataja [9:39 PM] the "but i love it" line is absolutely perfect
treske [9:39 PM] But for E-Hole purposes, I totally get that it may not be the case
dkataja [9:40 PM] Wait, explain
importer [9:40 PM] In terms of popularity, I'd agree
treske [9:40 PM] Popularity and reach
squints [9:41 PM] wow first time hearing this. the weeknd has changed so much over the years, and i don’t hate it
importer [9:41 PM] He needed to go somewhere new. House of Balloons is a classic, but the shift was necessary. He's too talented to stay in the dark
dkataja [9:42 PM] I think if you asked the average 22 y/o to name the song of the summer, they'd say Trap Queen before anything we've thrown up so far
dkataja [9:42 PM] Nearing played out territory for me tho
importer [9:42 PM] here's a problem i always had with the Song of the Summer argument: when do we offically say it's summer?
dkataja [9:43 PM] Right, cuz trap queen was released awhile ago
dkataja [9:44 PM] Does release date matter? If a song released in february is the first and last song played at every pregame you go to in June, why not let that be SOTS? or at least in contention
treske [9:44 PM] It matters
treske [9:44 PM] But not so much
importer [9:44 PM] "Fancy" was dubbed song of the summer, but then came "Bang Bang" in August and that slayed, but the conversation seemed to be over
dkataja [9:45 PM] Original version of Trap Queen was April 22, 2014. Leaked online before, on March 8, 2014
dkataja [9:45 PM] Did trap queen get play last summer and I just missed it?
treske [9:46 PM] Fancy definitely won though
importer [9:47 PM] i was over it though. Ari Grande took my heart that summer with "Problem" and "Bang Bang"
importer [9:47 PM] jesus 2014 was a bad year for music
dkataja [9:48 PM] Yeah, how did Trap Queen not take that over???
dkataja [9:48 PM] In any case, Thugger v. Fetty should be interesting to watch play out
importer [9:48 PM] I'm telling you, Vine is a powerful powerful app
dkataja [9:48 PM] I don't even think it's adversarial, necessarily. Pitting it like that was probably a mistake
dkataja [9:49 PM] But, rising stars for sure
importer [9:49 PM] Trap Queen was EVERYWHERE on that app at the beginning of th year
importer [9:49 PM] I'm throwing this one into the mix for SOTS nod
importer [9:49 PM] dkataja [9:49 PM] Dude, good call
treske [9:49 PM] trueeeee
dkataja [9:49 PM] I've noticed that ladies dig this song
squints [9:50 PM] diplo can make any collaborators palatable
treske [9:50 PM] we all do dkataja
treske [9:50 PM] We all do
dkataja [9:50 PM] Yeah I realized that left it off like i didn't like it
importer [9:50 PM] Was the drop Skrillex or Diplo's idea?
dkataja [9:50 PM] I really dig it
importer [9:50 PM] because that's the different maker
importer [9:52 PM] specifically, who decided to use that penny whistle-sounding groove of excellence. because that's the best line from that song
importer [9:53 PM] and the drum fill right before the last drop?
importer [9:53 PM] good lord
dkataja [9:53 PM] I don't even sing the words to this song...I try to sing that penny whistle part
importer [9:54 PM] and Bieber is just the face
importer [9:54 PM] #marketing
treske [9:54 PM] duuuuudes
treske [9:54 PM] I gotta bounce haha
treske [9:54 PM] TURN UP THOUGH
treske [9:55 PM] Young Thug forever
treske [9:55 PM] Young Thug always
squints [9:55 PM] young thug is love. young thug is life
squints [9:55 PM] alright my personal take on non-Thugger SOTS?
importer [9:56 PM] whatcha got?
squints [9:56 PM] hudmo, ruckazoid, and devaeux
squints [9:56 PM] dkataja [9:57 PM] Ronald McDonald, good start
squints [9:58 PM] i love this song so much. all the trademarks of hudmo that i love. completely over the top production. hilariously distorted kick drums, eccentric synths. but a more refined direction
squints [9:58 PM] i think this song has taken on a new life for me the past few weeks, what with everything in south carolina, and gay marriage and everything
squints [9:59 PM] it’s a perfect song for where we are as millenials right now: we’re just all about loving others. that’s our generational struggle. doubt that was the intention of the song, but that’s why it’s resonating with me so much right now
dkataja [9:59 PM] It's been a monumental summer outside music. positively and negatively
squints [10:00 PM] (sidenote: i have a browser extension that replaces the word “millenials” with “snake people” so it’s going to be fun rereading this when it gets posted)
importer [10:00 PM] Very true
importer [10:00 PM] This is awesome
importer [10:01 PM] perfectly captures what's going on here in the US, like it's the second Freedom Summer
squints [10:02 PM] right
squints [10:03 PM] and i’m sure the song was made for twenty year olds at festivals rolling their faces off and doing that sort of thing, like it fits really well into the whole ethos of EDM culture
squints [10:03 PM] but it’s vague enough to be powerful
dkataja [10:04 PM] "love is what we're fighting for"
importer [10:04 PM] that's the difference between Warriors and Where Are U Now
importer [10:04 PM] I don't know a single Bieber lyric
squints [10:04 PM] shit
squints [10:04 PM] yeah
squints [10:04 PM] i’m trying to think of one
squints [10:04 PM] and can't
dkataja [10:04 PM] haha yeah that's what I was saying. I listen to that for the penny whistle beat
importer [10:05 PM] not to say it's a bad song, it's just personal preference
dkataja [10:05 PM] (sidenote: penny whistle beat...not a terrible band name)
importer [10:05 PM] that being said, lyrics tend to keep songs alive
importer [10:06 PM] Speaking of songs with awesome lyrics, here's my final SOTS entry:
importer [10:07 PM] dkataja [10:07 PM] yo, I want this song to be way bigger than it is
dkataja [10:07 PM] this song is hot fire
squints [10:08 PM] holy shit this is awesome
importer [10:08 PM] i have gushed about this song ad-nauseum, but this is my favorite song of the year so far
squints [10:09 PM] is this too much of a downer to be SOTS?
dkataja [10:09 PM] So many of my nights with porter can be described by this song
importer [10:09 PM] i think that's the beautiful irony of it
dkataja [10:10 PM] lol I was kidding actually
squints [10:10 PM] so many nights summed up by “what is darren doing here?"
dkataja [10:10 PM] god dammit
importer [10:10 PM] hahahahah
importer [10:10 PM] exactly
importer [10:10 PM] but who hasn't been at a party asking why the hell they are there?
squints [10:10 PM] R&B GAME THOM YORKE
dkataja [10:12 PM] Usually it's when I'm trying to get to / get away from a girl
squints [10:13 PM] so my last contribution before we wrap up
squints [10:13 PM] maybe not SOTS, but if we’re talking about songs with an all-time legendary first line of the second verse that i’m going to be listening to all summer:
squints [10:13 PM] importer [10:15 PM] Dude
importer [10:15 PM] Holy shit
squints [10:15 PM] i know very little about donmonique but i’m sure as hell going to find out more as soon as i can
squints [10:16 PM] this beat is fucking RUGGED. sounds like if RZA was just coming up now
importer [10:17 PM] I would pay copious amounts of dollars to watch Danny Brown and Action Bronson interact
squints [10:17 PM] and i love hearing women rap about the drug trade. is that weird?
squints [10:17 PM] seeing danny brown later this month with treske!
importer [10:18 PM] Peanut butter and jealous
dkataja [10:18 PM] :expressionless:
dkataja [10:20 PM] Well, this is definitely a strong start to a summer pregame playlist
dkataja [10:21 PM] The Alessia Cara song at a party would be some next level irony
squints [10:22 PM] haha can’t wait to pull that one out. well guys, can’t wait for #SongsOfAutumn in a few months
importer [10:22 PM] Already halfway through summer, hopefully we get some more ish on the way (coughcoughFrankOceancoughcough)
importer [10:23 PM] I wish the U.S. made the Christmas Number One single big like they do in the UK
dkataja [10:24 PM] I'd definitely drop my mixtape then
dkataja [10:25 PM] We've got some bangers to play us out til then, though, thankfully
importer [10:26 PM] Start writing