The Gang Talks About The Weather

As you might be aware, it's been snowing a lot recently. To commemorate this, our StaffChat topic for this week was songs about weather. We quickly realized that rain has an almost total monopoly on this category.

importer [7:05 PM] Hello hello?
squints [7:05 PM] sup
importer [7:40 PM] Soooooooo
treske [7:43 PM] Yooooooo... Sorry had to attend to some serious bananagrams...
importer [7:43 PM] Great game
squints [7:45 PM] it's no cranium
treske [7:46 PM] Yeah. Easy to get swept in the intense storm of "peels". I'm down with Cranium, but my inability to draw is a serrrrious impediment to my Cranium swag
importer [7:47 PM] A surprisingly fun pregame activity. Don't knock it till you try it
treske [7:49 PM] Truuuueeeeeeeeeee
treske [7:50 PM] So this snow...
importer [7:50 PM] You mean that white dirt you guys call a snowstorm down there?
treske [7:50 PM] I mean, if you wanna get salty about it.
treske [7:51 PM] But yeah, the white dirt that we call a snowstorm
squints [7:51 PM] that's funny. salt. like they put salt on the roads sometimes. i get it
importer [7:51 PM] Or sand if ya nasty
importer [7:51 PM] It's been a long winter, allow me to be salty
squints [7:53 PM] ♫ it's been a long december and there's reason to believe, that this year ian will be saltier than last ♫
importer [7:53 PM] Why Ethan, that's a lovely weather-related song!
treske [7:55 PM] So yeah, let's get to it. This week, in honor of the snow, or salt, or whatever you wanna call it... We are doing the Earhole staff's favorite weather-related tunes
treske [7:55 PM] So with that said, hit us up with one of those bad boys @importer
importer [7:55 PM] We'll start with the pride of Chapel Hill/Boston
importer [7:56 PM] Not me, but James Taylor of course
importer [7:56 PM]

squints [7:57 PM] fire is definitely my least favorite weather
treske [7:57 PM] Yeah... I mean this is sacrilegious given "Carolina On My Mind" but JT's voice always makes me wanna pass out
importer [7:57 PM] cmon son
importer [7:58 PM] it's soothing
treske [7:58 PM] Also yeah... Tough to deal with. SPF 55 or 75?? Fire makes you ask the tough questions
importer [7:58 PM] Word on the street is that any SPF over 45 is innefective
importer [7:59 PM] But I digress. I had to go with Sweet Baby James because "Fire and Rain" is exactly how a song should be written
importer [8:00 PM] it references the death of his friend, his battle with drug addiction, and pain
importer [8:01 PM] pain and good music writing ability are strongly correlated
squints [8:02 PM] man if i was going through all that and then it started raining, i'd flip
treske [8:02 PM] yes... no doubt.
treske [8:03 PM] Here is one that I would also not be cool with. Like don't encroach upon my beach space with an umbrella.
treske [8:03 PM]

treske [8:03 PM] Or just don't suck so much ALL OF WINTER
treske [8:05 PM] Part of those litany of one-hit wonders in the 90s. If you peep the video, please note that dudes sideways cap and hoop earrings. The 90s were weird... and super phat
treske [8:05 PM] I yearn for the days of frosted tips
squints [8:06 PM] oh man this is taking me back, i had no idea what this song was called or who it was by
importer [8:06 PM] the 90s in retrospect was weird as hell
importer [8:06 PM] remember when yo-yo's were a huge fad?
squints [8:06 PM] pogs
importer [8:07 PM] tamagachi's
treske [8:07 PM] Aight Ethdawg
squints [8:07 PM] beyblades
treske [8:07 PM] what you got for us
squints [8:07 PM] continuing the rain theme (sorry treske)
importer [8:08 PM] is it mean to say that Tom Petty is a really ugly dude?
treske [8:08 PM] YES YOU ASS. YES IT IS
squints [8:08 PM] he'd be a fairly attractive woman in all fairness
squints [8:08 PM] very angular features
squints [8:09 PM] but in all seriousness, great song. the closing track from the heartbreakers' best album
treske [8:10 PM] I was vibin. Never had heard that before.
importer [8:10 PM] same here. i dig it
squints [8:11 PM] wait the song or tom petty as a woman?
squints [8:11 PM] or both?
treske [8:11 PM] the song
importer [8:11 PM] both?
squints [8:11 PM] yes
importer [8:11 PM] i see you angles point
treske [8:12 PM] But yeah, doing research for weather-songs (I can't believe I didn't have a weather-related playlist), it has become very clear that rain gets ALLLLL the love
importer [8:12 PM] very true
treske [8:13 PM] With that said...
treske [8:13 PM]

importer [8:13 PM] Led. Zeppelin.
treske [8:13 PM] Hard to go wrong with Jimmy Page doing that whole, "I will play guitar that makes you weep" thing (edited)
squints [8:14 PM] speaking of guitars and weeping, y'all know the story behind this song?
importer [8:14 PM] I do not
importer [8:14 PM] please go on
treske [8:14 PM] I need
squints [8:14 PM] george harrison told jimmy page that led zeppelin should write more ballads. first two notes are lifted from the beatles' "something"
squints [8:15 PM] let's all take a collective moment to acknowledge how great of a segue that was
treske [8:17 PM] Ed. Note I, Andrew treske, just wrote something so stupid I had to delete it
treske [8:17 PM] Sorry good people of Earhole
treske [8:17 PM] moving slow tonight
importer [8:17 PM] We're all human. I do it every day
squints [8:17 PM] for posterity: "GEORGE HARRISON WROTE WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS. mind grapes = blown"
treske [8:18 PM] lolol
treske [8:18 PM] So more love to rain
treske [8:18 PM]

importer [8:18 PM] YES
importer [8:19 PM] Best song on Acid Rap
importer [8:19 PM] IMHO
treske [8:19 PM] I miss my diagonal grilled cheeses
squints [8:19 PM] speaking of which, diagonal grilled cheese + tomato soup = ultimate bad weather food
treske [8:20 PM] I love that as I get older I can make that boojy as hell too. Nothing like boojy-comfort food
squints [8:20 PM] wonderbread + kraft singles. nothing artisanal. real recognize real
treske [8:20 PM] I would totally eat at a restaurant called "boojy comfort food"
importer [8:20 PM] I've had ramen all week, so anything other than that is boojy to me at this point
treske [8:21 PM] ^^^^ my nightmare
squints [8:21 PM] don't get me wrong, if you stick a "grilled cheese" in front of me that's like, brie and fig preserves on homemade foccacia with a balsamic reduction, i'll still eat it, but we all know it's not real grilled cheese
treske [8:23 PM] Yeah... true. Speaking of truth, what else you got for us Ethan?
squints [8:23 PM] well, plenty. but since we're still on rain:

importer [8:26 PM]

treske [8:26 PM] hahaha
squints [8:26 PM] not a rain storm i particularly want to be in

treske [8:26 PM] we should do a "that voice came from THAT" staff chat sometime
squints [8:26 PM] YES
importer [8:27 PM] surprisingly a very biting song about racism
squints [8:27 PM] also tay zonday recently started streaming hearthstone and it's the most surreal thing i think has ever happened
treske [8:27 PM] I don't really understand anything you said
treske [8:28 PM]

squints [8:28 PM]

importer [8:28 PM] Dude. We need more Missy in our lives
squints [8:28 PM] ed note: i'm a huge nerd
importer [8:29 PM] Dude. We need more Zonday in our lives
treske [8:30 PM] Ah... Thanks for the clarification.
treske [8:31 PM] any other "rain songs" until we declare no more?
importer [8:31 PM] I got one
squints [8:31 PM] i think we'd be remiss not to mention Purple Rain
importer [8:32 PM]

importer [8:33 PM] Purple Rain though. That's a national treasure
squints [8:34 PM] literally, it's the library of congress
treske [8:34 PM] Tough to beat any of those offerings. The Temptations are just toooooooooo much. So amazing
squints [8:34 PM] agreed
squints [8:34 PM] so, non-rain weather songs
importer [8:35 PM]

importer [8:35 PM] Word to Parks and Rec. I'm gonna miss that show so much
squints [8:35 PM] on valentine's day i literally watched over twenty episodes
squints [8:35 PM] chris traeger voice
importer [8:36 PM] I'm watching literally right now
treske [8:36 PM] need to binge watch it. fell off after season two. Aubrey Plaza is so bae, so it shouldn't be too long until I do
importer [8:36 PM] this last season is near perfect
squints [8:36 PM] my tinder bio is literally "looking for the ann perkins to my andy dwyer. also i need someone to watch parks & rec with beyond the first three episodes"
importer [8:37 PM] top 5 Parks and Rec characters?
squints [8:37 PM] 1. jean-ralphio
squints [8:37 PM] 2. jean-ralphio
squints [8:37 PM] 3. jean-ralphio
squints [8:37 PM] 4. jean-ralphio
squints [8:37 PM] 5. perd hapley
importer [8:37 PM] I'm fluuuuuuuuuush with caaaaaaaaash!
importer [8:37 PM] *Jean-Ralphio* voice
treske [8:38 PM] My housemates say I am like Tom Haverford... which is just a brutal thing to say to someone.
squints [8:38 PM] hahahaha i totally see that
importer [8:38 PM] hahahaha same
importer [8:39 PM] to be fair, one of my best buds from home said the same thing about me
importer [8:40 PM] Transition: songs by weather related names
importer [8:40 PM]

squints [8:40 PM] oh man that's a game changer
squints [8:40 PM] nobody will ever touch jaco pastorius
importer [8:41 PM] *Joe Zawinul
importer [8:41 PM] first song I learned on drums
squints [8:41 PM] same team
squints [8:41 PM] first song i learned on drums was literally everything by the white stripes
importer [8:42 PM] shouts to Meg
treske [8:43 PM] Wait... That synth is amazing.
treske [8:43 PM] I am in on that one
treske [8:43 PM] Solid
squints [8:44 PM] speaking of jack white affiliated groups:

importer [8:45 PM] you guys
importer [8:45 PM]

squints [8:46 PM] during hurricane irene my friends and i filled up an inflatable pool on the balcony of our dorm and hung in it all day listening to that song
importer [8:47 PM] I danced around to "come on eileen" while singing "come on irene"
importer [8:47 PM] Ahhh college
squints [8:47 PM] i aint mad
squints [8:47 PM] well, if we're abandoning weather related band names, then:

squints [8:48 PM] i don't mean to be the guy who submits songs from Elvis Costello's Blood & Chocolate every week, but this is my personal favorite EC song
squints [8:48 PM] it's more of a surreal travelogue than a weather song, but i'm still counting it
treske [8:49 PM] This sounds like a perrrrrfect song for "Lost In Translation" Bill Murray?
squints [8:49 PM] i can see it
treske [8:49 PM]

treske [8:51 PM] The Japandroids are a flat out incredible band
importer [8:51 PM] Big fan of "House that Heaven Built"
treske [8:51 PM] They also make me think of Dragonballz and how hot that blond android was... So there's that
squints [8:52 PM] i feel better about making hearthstone references earlier
importer [8:53 PM] Last ones for each?
treske [8:53 PM] Damn... There are soooo many haha
squints [8:53 PM] i'll go
squints [8:53 PM]

squints [8:53 PM] gotta listen to that every time i'm driving in the snow
importer [8:54 PM]

importer [8:54 PM] What up freshman year of high school?
treske [8:54 PM] NORDIC WARRIORS AND FRESHMAN P.E.... what it do?
treske [8:55 PM] Both fantastic selections.
squints [8:55 PM] people forget how great fat joe is
treske [8:55 PM] is he dead?
importer [8:55 PM] and how fat
importer [8:56 PM] still alive
importer [8:56 PM] i believe
squints [8:56 PM] neither dead nor fat
squints [8:56 PM]
importer [8:56 PM] that hard hitting news. That's what we do here at Earhole
treske [8:56 PM] I hope he releases a "Lean Back" workout video
squints [8:56 PM] i always wondered, like, when he's hanging out with groupies doin' whatever, do they call him "joe" or "fat joe"
importer [8:57 PM] Big Joe would've worked too
treske [8:58 PM] Yo... I gotta hit y'all with two....
treske [8:58 PM] Sorry bout it
treske [8:58 PM]

treske [8:58 PM] We simply couldn't leave this off
importer [8:58 PM] had to, i get that
treske [8:59 PM]

treske [8:59 PM] Celebrate 'em while we still got 'em
treske [9:00 PM] Love me a glacier... Especially embossed with that Wu-Tang "W"
squints [9:00 PM] shouts to bear grylls
treske [9:01 PM] lol
treske [9:01 PM] On that note... I am signing off. Stay safe all those Earhole-ites out there.
treske [9:01 PM] Peace
squints [9:02 PM] stay warm everybody
squints [9:02 PM] and speaking of weather, watch out for any impending meat tornadoes