The Gang Goes Under Cover

squints [9:05 PM] hahahaha
squints [9:05 PM] glad today has sucked for everyone
treske [9:06 PM] I mean... Cobb and Bulaga are coming back so I am cool. More concerned for the fantasy implications of today.
squints [9:06 PM] that russell wilson upswing
treske [9:06 PM] was just about to say that
treske [9:07 PM] Buuttttt anyways, everyone doing alright today?
importer [9:07 PM] I was at least
treske [9:08 PM] You know what Revis is really good at Porter? COVERING PEOPLE
importer [9:08 PM] You know what?
importer [9:08 PM] You're right!
treske [9:11 PM] So it seems appropriate that we speak of the best "under the covers" covers that we know. By "under the covers" we mean no "Hurt" or "All Along the Watchtower" because if you don't already know those, you likely live under a rock. And not a cool rock like Patrick from Spongebob.
squints [9:12 PM] yeah basically if you google "buzzfeed top 10 covers that make you forget about the original song (#4 will blow your mind)," none of that
importer [9:12 PM] this article transitioned faster than Revis did to the Jets
importer [9:12 PM] sorry, I'm salty right now. please continue
squints [9:13 PM] (#4 is seether covering "careless whisper")
treske [9:14 PM] So Porter... hit us with your first offering homeslice.
importer [9:14 PM] This is one of my favorite songs
importer [9:15 PM] And had no idea it was a cover until a few months ago
importer [9:15 PM]

treske [9:15 PM] I have tried to burst both eardrums with this song
squints [9:16 PM] i've slept on james blake for too long
squints [9:16 PM] original's by feist right?
importer [9:16 PM] Correct
importer [9:16 PM]

treske [9:17 PM] wait... hold up. Does that mean that you are still sleeping? Or have just risen?
importer [9:17 PM] cool in it's own right, but the James Blake cover is so emotionally harrowing
squints [9:17 PM] i've just never taken the time. this might have to be my project for this week
importer [9:18 PM] oh man, he's a must listen
treske [9:18 PM] WOWOW. Dude, we can carry on this discussion later privately. But for now just know that he is spectacular. Lights off and headphones in, just lay back in bed.
treske [9:18 PM] But great look Porter. I had no idea that was a cover
importer [9:18 PM] thanks brotha
squints [9:18 PM] yeah i can admit taking the L on this one haha, this version is great
importer [9:19 PM] treske, what do you have for us?
treske [9:20 PM] So this one is completely made its own and coming to ya straight from Funky Kingston
treske [9:21 PM]

treske [9:22 PM] More for summer weather, grilling copious amounts of meat, and drinking ice cold beer. But I like to think it works at all times
importer [9:22 PM] man, this is a great cover
treske [9:23 PM]

treske [9:23 PM] Here is the original
treske [9:23 PM] Also cool
squints [9:23 PM] the original is definitely one of those "i know this song but i have no idea who it's by" songs
importer [9:23 PM] exactly!
importer [9:23 PM] pep band classic
squints [9:23 PM] also i typed that way too slowly, i was about to say it's by the kingsmen
treske [9:23 PM] Also a cover haha
squints [9:24 PM] this is awesome. it's like a take on a take. so great hearing one song interpreted in so many ways
squints [9:24 PM] speaking of reggae covers, you guys ever listen to easy star all stars?
treske [9:25 PM] nope
importer [9:25 PM] i haven't
squints [9:25 PM] easy star is a reggae label out of new york, and they've put together a bunch of full-album covers. dark side of the moon, ok computer, sgt pepper's
importer [9:26 PM] wait
squints [9:26 PM] it sounds gimmicky but it's actually dope as hell
importer [9:26 PM] they do dub side of the moon, dont they?
squints [9:26 PM] yep
squints [9:26 PM]

squints [9:26 PM] on dub side of the moon they replace the cash register sounds from "money" with bong rips
importer [9:27 PM] it's only right
treske [9:27 PM] lol. that'll do
importer [9:27 PM] this is smooth as hell
squints [9:28 PM] yeah like i said it sounds cheesy, but it's actually awesome. reggae played by actual reggae musicians is never a bad thing
treske [9:28 PM] It just makes me miss Thom.
squints [9:28 PM] the horn riffs on this "paranoid android" cover are great. i think the members of radiohead have actually said they love this
squints [9:28 PM] i know jonny's a big dub fan
treske [9:29 PM] But is Scott Tenorman a fan?
treske [9:29 PM] This is actually really cool
treske [9:29 PM] I immediately thought it was gonna be super gimicky but it is really dope
squints [9:29 PM] if scott tenorman had been a rastafarian, he'd probably been vegan, and that episode would have gone much differently
squints [9:30 PM] toots and the maytals actually play on Radiodread believe it or not
treske [9:31 PM] Sold
importer [9:31 PM] fuck outta here
treske [9:31 PM] Eating my own pretentious shit right now
treske [9:31 PM] you succeeded
squints [9:31 PM] so it's not some band of people trying to cop a trick thom yorke buck, it's talented musicians taking great source material
squints [9:31 PM] also hahahah i just got to the coda. JAH LOVES HIS CHILDREN, JAH LOVES HIS CHILDREN YEAH
importer [9:32 PM] Being as happy as a reggae musician is an unrealistic goal
importer [9:32 PM] I don't think that's possible
importer [9:33 PM] unless we're talking dancehall, then maybe it is
squints [9:33 PM] one of my favorite uber drivers around here plays keys in a reggae band. great guy, he and i talk about king tubby every time i get a ride home from bars
squints [9:33 PM] i have his business card here somewhere...
squints [9:34 PM] also treske eating his own pretentious shit is a victory for the blog, our readers, and humanity
importer [9:34 PM] ^
treske [9:34 PM] It happens everyday to be honest
squints [9:34 PM] haha
squints [9:34 PM] anyway, that was a tangent. my actual pick:
squints [9:35 PM] (segueing from full album covers to an album full of covers). y'all heard mark ronson's album Version? it's fantastic. there's actually a cover of radiohead's "just" with the dude from phantom planet
squints [9:35 PM] but the stand out song is hands down this one:
squints [9:35 PM]

importer [9:36 PM] too true
importer [9:36 PM] RIP Winehouse
treske [9:36 PM] damn... I was gonna do some Winehouse later
treske [9:36 PM] so true. RIP.
squints [9:36 PM] can't ever have too much amy.
treske [9:36 PM] but also so gooooooood
squints [9:36 PM] i never realized how amazingly talented she was early enough
squints [9:37 PM] the originally is actually really good too:
treske [9:37 PM] completely agree. just a transcendent voice
importer [9:37 PM] and personality
importer [9:37 PM] she was such a trainwreck, but that came across in her music
importer [9:38 PM] also, Mark Ronson is incredible
squints [9:38 PM] yes.
treske [9:39 PM]

squints [9:39 PM] the unabashed appropriation is so fun and lighthearted. it's like quentin tarantino made kids movies
treske [9:39 PM] I didn't mean to piggyback... but this is an unbelievable live version
treske [9:40 PM] damn guys. i just got legitimately sad. people like that don't just come around.
treske [9:40 PM] hopefully she found peace
treske [9:41 PM] not to take it to such a serious place
importer [9:41 PM] a wonderfully talented person, made a lot of lives better
treske [9:42 PM] yuppppers
treske [9:42 PM] well with that, here is another one of my selections. super dark and trippy and moody and awesome
treske [9:42 PM]

treske [9:43 PM]

treske [9:43 PM] Original for reference.
treske [9:44 PM] the original is also incredible
squints [9:44 PM] this doesn't sound like sonic youth at all
importer [9:45 PM] wow, the difference between the two is so vast
treske [9:45 PM] yeah... there aren't a million layers of distortion
treske [9:45 PM] but Thurston CRUSHES it on his whispered vocal delivery
importer [9:47 PM] harder to do than you think
importer [9:47 PM] you'd
treske [9:47 PM] Got another one Porter?
importer [9:47 PM] yes i do
importer [9:47 PM]

importer [9:48 PM] one of my favorite Voodoo tracks is a Roberta Flack cover
importer [9:48 PM]

treske [9:49 PM] UHHHH you beat me to it. BUT SO MUCH YES
squints [9:49 PM] i'd pay a trillion dollars to hear d'angelo cover "feel like making love" by bad company
importer [9:49 PM] hahahahahah
importer [9:49 PM] oh my god that'd be amazing
treske [9:49 PM] don't ruin this moment with your jokes Ethan. I AM HAVING A MOMENT.
importer [9:50 PM] but anyway, when I was listening to Voodoo for the first time this was the first standout track
importer [9:50 PM] I was reading Questlove's biography (a must read) and he helped me see the light that is D'Angelo. I haven't looked back
treske [9:51 PM] Top 5 albums ever
treske [9:51 PM] no questions
treske [9:51 PM] but another discussion I suppose
treske [9:51 PM] Eth-dawg what you cookin up for us?
squints [9:51 PM] you guys ever watch the Undercover series from AV Club?
importer [9:52 PM] Nah
treske [9:52 PM] Also, this is so romantic I just consciously kissed at my cat...
treske [9:52 PM] But nah never seen it
squints [9:53 PM] basically the idea is that they come up with a list of 25 songs, and have artists come in to cover them. whoever comes in first gets their pick, and then everyone else gets their pick in order
squints [9:53 PM] so it's almost like white elephant for cover songs
treske [9:53 PM] ohhh yeah I have heard of that
treske [9:53 PM] I feel like you have told me about that before
squints [9:53 PM] it's also the story of how Parts & Labor ended up covering Kanye's "Runaway"
squints [9:53 PM]

squints [9:54 PM] i don't know too much about these guys, but this is AWESOME. again, a bunch of white guys doing a noise rock cover of kanye sounds super gimmicky, but it works
squints [9:55 PM] they hit the visceral emotionalism of the original in a way that an extended vocoder coda doesn't quite. no pusha t unfortunately, but this is so loud and so powerful
treske [9:55 PM] I can't wait to get to the music
treske [9:55 PM] still wading through commentary
squints [9:55 PM] haha yeah sorry
treske [9:56 PM] no worries, I am glad I am seeing it
squints [9:56 PM] (music starts at :58 for you readers out there)
treske [9:56 PM] shouts to the AV club for an amazing idea
squints [9:57 PM] i have a theory that the best covers are the ones that sound super lame on paper, but somehow make sense when you actually listen. like, being proven wrong by someone's interpretation is the most fun part
treske [9:57 PM] the feedback in place of the piano is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE
importer [9:57 PM] Yeah, this actually works really well!
treske [9:58 PM] i know I overuse all caps, but that one is for real
treske [9:58 PM] it is so tortured and just wow
squints [9:58 PM] i think my favorite part of this is that what sounds like guitar is actually keys, and what sounds like keys is actually guitar. why nobody's thought to use an e-bow with a slide is beyond me
treske [9:59 PM] Damn... well that is a tough act to follow but I will try
treske [9:59 PM] Crunching, snarling guitar? Yes please
treske [10:00 PM]

squints [10:00 PM] wait this is a cover?
treske [10:00 PM] Also, most of the time, covers that work are cool re-works that are different but not necessarily better than the original... But this one absolutely destroys the original
treske [10:00 PM]

treske [10:01 PM] Yeah, I had no idea until I was playing with the physical CD art in like 10th grade and saw it was written by Burt Bacharach
treske [10:01 PM] Who of course I knew from Austin Powers
squints [10:01 PM] b/c of course
importer [10:02 PM] "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Burt Bacharach!"
importer [10:03 PM] That movie has aged well
importer [10:03 PM] Sorry to go on a tangent
treske [10:03 PM] No worries brotha.
treske [10:03 PM] Any y'all got anymore that you must throw in? I have two more that I can just quickly put up if need be
treske [10:03 PM] but they are cool
treske [10:04 PM] as hell
importer [10:04 PM] Yup I got a quick one
squints [10:04 PM] i have two more that kinda go together
treske [10:04 PM] cool cool
importer [10:04 PM] I'll go first
treske [10:04 PM] doooo it
treske [10:04 PM] just throw em all up there
importer [10:04 PM] All at the same time
squints [10:05 PM] AT THE SAME DAMN TIME
squints [10:05 PM] (next week's staffchat topic: future is the best)
squints [10:05 PM] shoot porter
importer [10:05 PM]

treske [10:05 PM] lolololololol
importer [10:05 PM] THOSE PIPES DOE
squints [10:06 PM] it's not a true staffchat until we're all smh-ing at porter
importer [10:06 PM] Sorry bout it
squints [10:06 PM] "imagine" is and has always been a fucking terrible song. we can talk about that later
treske [10:07 PM] I wrote that down so as to remember. I am intrigued
treske [10:07 PM] Hit us squints
squints [10:07 PM] okay, so first:
importer [10:07 PM] Never underestimate the power of American Idol
squints [10:07 PM]

importer [10:07 PM] Oooooooooooo
importer [10:07 PM] I'm intrigued
treske [10:08 PM] i just audibly giggled at the prospect of this
squints [10:08 PM] second:
importer [10:08 PM] Love the dirty projectors
squints [10:08 PM] dirty p = one of the best shows i've ever been too
treske [10:08 PM] Sidenote: I really wish they were called Dirty P now
squints [10:09 PM] i love listening to these two back to back. first is an R&B cover of an indie rock song, second's an indie rock cover of an R&B song
treske [10:09 PM] This cover is amazing
importer [10:09 PM] Saw them at Boston Calling, soooo good
squints [10:09 PM] (originals for reference) squints [10:09 PM]

importer [10:09 PM] I fuck with this Solange version
squints [10:10 PM] it just makes me feel like the music world is a much, much smaller space
treske [10:10 PM] readers beware: This Solange song will 100% be on the Filet Mig this week
treske [10:10 PM] I'm calling my shot!
importer [10:10 PM] I'm yelling aloud because this is so good
squints [10:10 PM] IT'S SO GOOD
squints [10:12 PM] i love how they completely replace the repeated guitar melody with another. the original melody is so on top of the beat, the cover is so behind it. and it completely takes the song to a new place
squints [10:12 PM] and those high notes...
importer [10:13 PM] I won't say she topped Amber Coffman, because that's my favorite vocal run of all time
importer [10:13 PM] But it comes really close
treske [10:14 PM] and also giving love to MMJ. that is great
squints [10:15 PM] i was listening to MMJ out on my porch today drinking a bunch of beer after work, just crushin' daylight savings, and my hippie neighbor came over and asked who they were. it was a moment
treske [10:15 PM] Circuital is one of my fav songs
treske [10:16 PM] I am gonna do a really trite one
treske [10:16 PM] Sorry guys...
treske [10:16 PM] But seriously this song is so beautiful it is has made me tear up so many times. So many moments with this...
treske [10:16 PM]

importer [10:17 PM] Never heard of it
squints [10:17 PM] this is borderline "all along the watchtower" or "hurt" status, but i'll allow it
squints [10:17 PM] WHAT
treske [10:17 PM] Jeff Buckley is a genius that was also gone too soon. RIP.
importer [10:17 PM] Obviously kidding squints
squints [10:17 PM] ok archuleta
importer [10:17 PM] LOLZ
treske [10:17 PM] I know... it is borderline if not way too known. But I had to listen
importer [10:18 PM] Lemme redeem myself here
treske [10:18 PM] Songs like this are why I am obsessed so entirely with music
importer [10:18 PM]

squints [10:18 PM] okay this is an exciting turn of events
treske [10:19 PM] This cover is baller
importer [10:19 PM] Sex ghost Ellie Goulding. Shouts to Sami Auogab for sharing this junior year
treske [10:19 PM] Shouts out to the brother out in West Africa!
importer [10:20 PM] He's def not reading, but if he is we miss you homie!
importer [10:21 PM] Anyway, this song is such a cool reinterpretation
importer [10:21 PM] First time the beat dropped I lost my shit
treske [10:21 PM] But yeah, I got a club meeting with the kiddos tomorrow. Hit me with the last one squints
squints [10:21 PM] i'm looking forward to trying out the first youtube comment after this
squints [10:21 PM] okay, last pick:
treske [10:21 PM] But completely. So sexy and awesome
treske [10:22 PM] A band I need so much more exposure to
treske [10:22 PM] I have heard this though
importer [10:22 PM] Davey Byrne Da Gawd
treske [10:26 PM] Indeed. Well, I'm out fellas.
treske [10:26 PM] Been real
squints [10:26 PM] yep i'm gonna get under my covers now