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Thanks, El-P

This is a trope that has been covered senselessly, but this past year has been really bad. Here are just a few concerns that I consistently wrestle with: the existential threat of climate change, the continued erasure of worldwide wildlife, global wealth inequality bursting to even more perverse proportions, the»

We Can Be Weirdos

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t expect to learn that David Bowie was dead. I’m still not entirely sure I’ve come to grips with it, partly because David Bowie never quite seemed mortal, or even human – if his notorious late-70s diet of bell peppers, milk»

A Week In The Life: Ethan Butler

A Week In The Life posts chronicle an Earhole writers' last seven days in terms of the songs that helped them celebrate, unwind, turn up, or simply survive. Here's what music has defined Ethan's past week. Monday, March 9th: The Theme Song From Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt It's ironic that the»