New Music Tuesday (on Wednesday): 3/4/15

"Baby Blue” by Action Bronson ft. Chance The Rapper

Two of the most interesting characters in rap. I feel like Bronsoliño will be the one white rapper who will never have to face backlash. Nothing but admiration, maybe even some fan fiction.

Then Chance enters and wishes some of the worst things on this girl, like hoping the “zipper on your jacket gets stuck” and that “you never get off Fridays/And you work at Friday’s that’s always busy on Fridays”. Innocent maliciousness.

Oh, and if it doesn’t sound good enough for you, how about the fact that Mark Ronson produced it?

"California Nights” by Best Coast

The queen of stoner pop sings about being high and sad but it’s actually really good I promise.

"To Ü” by Jack Ü(aka Skrillex & Diplo) ft. AlunaGeorge

The leaders of EDM create their own Watch the Throne. I haven’t listened yet, but this song along with Missy Elliott “Take Ü There (ft. Kiesza)” remix show the amazing chemistry this duo have together. Can’t wait to listen at work tomorrow.

"Buffalo” by Toro Y Moi

Chillwave is my favorite genre. Even if this sounds nothing like chillwave, I’ll never not put Toro Y Moi on NMT(OW) whenever eligible. #factsonly

Kataja Pick of the Week: “Technicolour Beat” by Oh Wonder

This is the beauty of NMT. Before Tuesday morning, I had collected zero data points on Oh Wonder. I heard this song and immediately wanted to collect all the datas. Turns out Oh Wonder are a London duo comprised of Anthony and Josephine. I’m not all of a sudden on a first name basis -- that’s all anyone knows about them, apparently. People know that, and people know that Oh Wonder are on a journey of writing a song a month for 12 months. And that’s it as far as data points go.

Well, except for the most important data point we have to consider: the song. “Technicolour Beat” is excellent, carving out a marvelous little space for itself somewhere between Group Therapy-era Above and Beyond and The XX. Snaps back up the mellow synth as Anthony and Josephine harmonize with controlled ease.

Porter Pick of the Week: “Gimme All Your Love” by Alabama Shakes

If you want to see the current state of rock at the height of its power, start with Alabama Shakes. They sound like The Black Keys if Janis Joplin was their lead singer. I'm not exaggerating when I say Brittany Howard is a rock n' roll prodigy. This band will be HUGE after Sound & Color comes out in April. Check out their SNL performance this past weekend:

A few things:

-She’s wearing Prince earrings so you know she’s not messing around.
-Her mouth opens as big as Dizzy Gillespie’s cheeks pop out.
-Her control over her voice and guitar blows my mind.
- I haven’t heard anything as powerful as that chorus in quite a long time.
-Best Youtube comment: “I’m a grown ass man and idk what the fuck happened but i just cried listening to this beautiful fucking song.”