New Music Tuesday (on Wednesday): 2/25/15

Welcome back to NMT(OW)! Yesterday's New Music Tuesday playlist on Spotify had some nice tracks. I (along with newest Earhole addition Darren Kataja) have selected the best ones from this week…

"Superfly" - Raury

Quick shoutout to my amigo Joey Weissburg for introducing me to Raury. It’s hard to describe him because he’s so multifaceted: he can sing, play guitar, and rap his ass off. Joey and I have tried to compare him to other artists and we heard hints of John Mayer, Andre 3000, R. Kelly, and Joey hears some Frank in him. Did I mention that he’s only 18?

His Indigo Child mixtape has been out since August 2014, but it finally made its way to Spotify yesterday. I encourage you to check it out and hop on the Raury bandwagon because he’s about to make some serious noise this year.

“Clean” - Big Data ft. Jamie Lidell

The funkiest white guy from the other side of the pond meets with the Brooklyn electro-pop group to create this gem. Lidell’s croon on any record had my curiosity, but Big Data’s production on this track has my attention.

“All Your Fault” - Big Sean ft. Kanye West & Travi$ Scott

I’m not gonna not have Kanye on NMT(OW). I’m not a huge fan of “FourFiveSeconds” from this NMT, so here’s a song where he raps. In just one verse, he compares himself to Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, calls himself “the closest thing to Michael since Janet”, and references police brutality.

Not to be outdone, Big Sean raps his ass off. Rapping over Kanye’s trademark uplifiting soul sample and hard drums, Sean disses his ex-fiancee, compares himself to Derek Jeter, and shouts out G.O.O.D. Music in a ridiculous double time. They finish the song with a verse where they trade off bars a la Watch the Throne. They’re not equals like Jay and Ye (arguably) are, but little by little we’re starting to see him hold his own in the G.O.O.D. Music family.

“Chemical” - Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt has a James Blake kind of voice, but with a more hardcore production style. Using hand claps, boot stomps, piano riffs and synths Garratt makes the beat thump, crackle, kick and vibe in only 3:30. Production virtuosity is at hand. This is an artist I know nothing about, but “Chemical” makes me want to earn more.

“It’s Alright” - Majik

I’ll let the king of San Diego describe my thoughts on this song...

And finally:


Bruh. This song bangs. So much so that both of us tried to lay claim to this for our Pick of the Week. After much debate and significant nuclear escalation, we decided to compromise and share it.

DARREN: Fresh off of a resurgent Super Bowl halftime show performance -- as my friend Mark tweeted, “So cool that Missy let Katy Perry open for her tonight,” -- Missy Elliot adds her master’s touch to a beat I already loved. The song opens slowly and builds up to a stank-face-inducing marriage of the drop and Missy going in. The most notable tweak from the original is Missy’s surprisingly suave bridge, which she nails (of course). Missy showed me that there’s something more to her, and I’ll let this song take me anywhere.

PORTER: We knew Jack Ü could make a beat. After seeing Kiesza perform with Joey Bada$$ last month, I knew that she had pipes. But in stepped Misdemeanor and took this song to 'notha muthafuckin' level.

Missy Elliott had an incredible hot streak in the 2000’s with “Get Ur Freak On”, co-producing “Lady Marmalade”, “Gossip Folks”, “Lose Control” with Ciara, incredible music videos, and one of the best Cribs episodes ever (her bed was fuckin Ferrari!). It’s nice to see her back to work. I’m praying this is the beginning of a huge comeback.