Music Video Monday - 3/23/15

Any week which contains a UNC Sweet 16 game has a lot of promise to be a good week. Start it off right with some choice vids hand-selected by the Earhole crew, just for you.

TRESKE: "Bad Girls" - M.I.A.

This video is just the epitome of bad bitchery at play (sorry Nicki Minaj… but you ain’t real). M.I.A. has more effortless cool than I could ever conceive of. It is subversive and baller as hell. The shot of her doing her nails on a sideways BMW gets me so weirdly hype. Doesn’t hurt that the song is a complete banger either.

PORTER: “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” - LCD Soundsystem

Playing this song this weekend with the crew here in Brooklyn was the best. It pays a [subtle homage to “Around The World”] and generally does typical awesome LCD Soundsystem things. I’m still kicking myself for missing out on them when I was younger, but this band doesn’t have a bad song.

DARREN: “Mind Mischief” - Tame Impala

Warning: Some parts NSFW, unless your work is cool with animated nudeness.

This is a video about sex. For a lot of schoolboys, finally converting lustful longing into reality leaves behind powerfully confusing residue, despite schoolboys’ collective desire to handle the conversion with swagger and bravado. This is exactly what Kevin Parker explores here. Our young hero has hots for teacher -- been there -- and actually has the chance to follow through -- haven’t been there. Naturally, his mind explodes in every single direction at once, and he’s somewhat coldly spat out of teacher’s car, left to ponder everything. Feels like my life is ready to blow. Lol, yes.

ETHAN: “Actin Crazy” - Action Bronson

Today is a day purely for Mr. Wonderful. This video is the most beautifully Action Bronson thing I've ever seen. Check back tomorrow for my review of the album, and enjoy the gift you've been given today.