Music Video Monday- 3/9/15

Happy post-DST Monday! Although that extra hour of sleep could definitely be used on this Monday, it doesn't hurt to have some more light. Speaking of light... our writers once more have shed light on some fantastic music videos so we hope you enjoy these.

MARYAM: “Young Girls” - Princess Nokia

Racial ambiguity is a topic I am personally well acquainted with. Check out this video by the flawless Princess Nokia who expresses pure individualism and the more natural order of femininity. Beauty in its rawest form.

PORTER: “Praise You” - Fatboy Slim

The genius of Spike Jonze in full effect. These were all hired actors who made up the Torrance Community Dance Group, led by the rat-tailed Jones. The deliberately bad clothing, choreography, and production quality make this video so amazing. I’ve watched it fives today and I’m still giggling.

ETHAN: “Just” - Radiohead

I saw this when I was super young, and this video more than any other made me realize that music videos can be a really, really cool artform. Bonus points for how put-together Thom Yorke looks.

TRESKE: “Groove Is In the Heart” - Deee-Lite

There is nothing I don’t love about this music video. The beginning of the music video is d-awesome. I have no idea what mumbo jumbo she is spitting out at the end there, but I am all in. Following that is the best technicolor retro dance party you could ever go to. I love people just shakin’ what their mama gave them and losing abandon and that IS EVERYWHERE in this one. When floating Q-Tip’s head appears out of the blue, there is no question… This is one of the most fun music videos ever.

So here is to getting loose and knowing-- most of all -- that the groove is in the heart.