Music Video Monday - 3/2/15

Happy March Earholers! Get your month started off right with some videos hand-selected by the Earhole staff. We care about your well-being and hope this helps you find love, success, and happiness in March. Or that it makes Monday a little less sucky. Whatever works.

DARREN: “I Won’t Let You Down” by OK Go

OK Go makes cool music videos. “I Won’t Let You Down” is their newest and has nearly 19 million YouTube views since October 27. A lot to like for film nerds here: single shot, camera attached to a flying device, recording at half-time to create precise movements. The choreography is impressive. Most importantly, the band’s sock game is robust.

TRESKE: “Stoner” by Young Thug

Y’all know my thoughts on Thugger. Dude is a star just waiting to explode. To me, this video is a perfect summation of Thug’s bizarre and magnetic charisma. Carcass of a teletubby on his head with a Willie Nelson poster behind him for his first appearance on the video? Duh. Thugger getting his groove thang on? A can’t miss (0:46-0:50). Technicolor shots of Atlanta? Obviously. I mean, if you sipped lean with the appetite of a blue whale guzzling plankton, you might be seeing some Alice in Wonderland type stuff too. Welcome to Thugger’s strange world. Enjoy the show.

P.S. The girl with the septum-piercing in the video is a DIIIIMMMMMEEEEEE.

PORTER: "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest

My favorite rap group of all time performing my favorite posse cut of all time along with Leaders of the New School. There's no bad verse. The last verse by Busta Rhymes is legendary. And its video is hilariously dated. But for a group that rapped about pagers like their iPhones, we'll let it slide.

Oh, and based God Rembert Browne wrote this amazing article on the video.

ETHAN: “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Read my article.