Music Video Monday- 2/9/15

Mondays suck. To counteract its brutality, the Earhole staff will share cool music videos with you on today to procrastinate and help you face the fact that yes, the week has begun. Welcome to this week's MVM!

Ethan: “Drop” - The Pharcyde

This music video, from director Spike Jonze, is one of the coolest, most creative videos I’ve ever seen. Jonze had the members of the group learn their verses backwards and---I’m not going to give anything away. Just watch it. It’s incredible.

Porter: “Grown Up” - Danny Brown

The other week we went in on Action Bronson in our Staffchat. One of the reasons why we like him so much is because of his larger-than-life persona. With his foul mouth, disproportionate body and huge beard Bronsoliño is straight out of a cartoon.

The only rapper I can think of that stacks up to him in persona is Danny Brown. The Detroit native has gifted this world with great rhymes, both serious and silly. When he’s at his funniest, it’s hard to top him. When his funniest is being emulated by a nine-year old kid? That’s music video gold.

Treske: “Sleep Sound” - Jamie xx

The older I get, the more beautiful people getting into their own zone and just getting funky is. When I was younger, that person getting funky, in a very public setting, was typically my mom so it was just a tad more humiliating. Anyways, cutting loose, being free, and just approaching life with abandon happens in too few instances.

This video takes “getting in your zone” deeper by showing hearing-impaired people cutting a rug to their imagined sounds. The director, has a lovely little blurb about her inspiration at the beginning of the video and why she elected to collaborate with the Manchester Deaf Centre. It is absolutely gorgeous and provokes a smile at every watch. You can’t help but not be happy watching this bad boy with Jamie xx’s lovely rhythms in the background. People just moving and vibing to their own created beat and sound; smiles in tow. Shouts to the kid at the beginning too. A true OG.

Jake: "Dexter" - Ricardo Villalobos

There's nothing quite like vibing out to Murnau's Nosferatu remixed with a classic microhouse cut.