Music Video Monday- 2/16/15

Mondays suck. To counteract its brutality, the Earhole staff will share cool music videos with you on today to procrastinate and help you face the fact that yes, the week has begun. Welcome to this week's MVM!

Porter: "Who's That? Brooown" - Das Racist

So many awesome things about this video. The song samples my favorite posse cut ever (with an equally incredible video). The video is a tribute to 16-bit video games (including a Rampage reference!) that completely rips on the gentrification of New York City. Being a very recent Brooklyn transplant/gentrifier, it nails it. It made me laugh and feel very guilty at the same time. At least I’m not one of those Murray Hill types!

Ethan: "Drugs" - Anderson .Paak

I don't know a lot about Anderson Paak. I don't know how to pronounce his last name, I don't know what you'd call his hairstyle, I don't even know if there's a hype train I'm late for. But after seeing the "DRUGS" video, what with the double exposures and the ironic DARE shirt, I want to know more.

Treske: "I Belong In Your Arms (Japanese Version)" - Chairlift

The best part of Music Video Mondays is that I get to watch a bunch of videos. I stumbled on this bad boy and am so happy I experienced this. I picked it for a few reasons. First, I recently started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Japanese motif fits perrrrrrfectly. Secondly, this whole thing is surreal and makes me feel so strangely happy. Particularly the strange heavenly backdrops, the hair thing that the beautiful Caroline Polachek has going on, and the random decision to sing certain snippets of the song in English (my favorite part is 'something, something, something') It also prompts the question, does she speak Japanese? Or did she learn the lyrics of her own song in Japanese purely for the purposes of this video? I can't decide which I would be more impressed with."

Jake: "Bell" - Screaming Females

Screaming Females have always had a quirky aesthetic about them--lead guitarist and lyricist Melissa Paternoster wears a Catholic habit to all her concerts and ironically hails Satan--and their music videos are no exception. Here we have the New Jersey trio in a characteristically surreal and DIY video where the state of New Jersey eats each member of the band alive in stop motion, among other things The video is worth watching for these bits of hilarity, but "Bell" is a fantastic track on its own; bask in the sound of Paternoster's guitar shred and caterwaul and be reborn in the waters of ROCK. You can stream their new album "Rose Mountain" over at NPR First Listen--it's pretty good.