Fresh Pot: 4-6

Happy Monday, lads and ladies! I hope everyone's ready to have a productive day at work. To help achieve that end, I've put together yet another #FreshPot playlist for your enjoyment.

Last week we looked at early 90s indie rock. This week is also 90s-centric, but we're focusing on 90s New York rap.

The work week can be hard to ease into, but these choice cuts should help you turn up for productivity. We're looking at some well-known tracks and some lesser-known-but-equally-great tracks: my favorites on here are by Method Mad and Biggie, Onyx, and Big Pun and Fat Joe -- in my opnion, one of the best rap songs ever recorded. Also noteworthy is (I believe) Jay-Z's first ever released verse, on the Big L cut. (Peep that hyphen.)

(Also, briefly pour a 40 out in the office parking lot for "Tried By 12" by East Flatbush Project, which was on the original draft of this playlist, but isn't on Spotify.)

Also, as a brief administrative note, we're going to start putting all of our playlists on one Spotify account, so make sure to follow us.