Fresh Pot - 3/30

Hey folks. By now, you know the drill so I'll spare you the copy/paste intro. Welcome to this week's Fresh Pot! (If you don't know the drill, Fresh Pot is a Monday morning playlist designed to get you through the very start of the work week).

Last week, I featured dub reggae. This week, we're listening to early 90s indie rock from both sides of the Atlantic -- first half is British, second half is 'Murican. This playlist has some of my favorite songs of all time on it -- "Chapel Hill" by Sonic Youth and "Eye of Fatima" by Camper Van Beethoven especially -- but as always, everything here is good.

Also, hey, do the Stone Roses sound familiar?

Here's the playlist.

(Also, as an administrative heads-up, I'll probably be fairly AWOL from the blog this week -- I'm going on a business trip to Wyoming -- so have a great week, everybody. At the very least, have a productive Monday.)