Best of Last Week - 1.25.16 to 1.31.16

SOURCE: SoundCloud

”Honey” - Kaytranada X Katy B

Leading off with Kaytranada due to Treske’s incessant requests for “Honey”. Made with some of the same sounds he used to The Internet’s “Girl”, Kaytra keeps his hits streak alive. Kid’s gotta make an album already, he’s too gifted.

”You’re The Best” - Wet

Per the recommendation of at least 78 different friends of mine, I gave Wet a shot. “You’re The Best” was the song that really stuck out. The bare bones production and whispery vocals creates this beautiful intimacy, as if no one else in the song’s world than the narrator and her significant other. I was troubled when I read the lyrics and discovered how doomed this relationship is: “All I know is when you hold me/ I still feel lonely Lonely when you hold me.” Those two lines come right out of the gate! But rather than drown in its sorrow, the song provides a unique light to a doomed relationship. When commenting on the song’s title and chorus, the band held a more optimistic view, as they annotate on Genius:

“The chorus isn’t meant to be sarcastic or ironic. I really meant it. I just kept coming back and being like ‘I really like you, I don’t care.’ I feel like that’s part of the reason people relate to the song—it’s such a familiar situation. You know it’s not going to work but you still really like the person.”

Whether it be the time, distance or chemistry, most relationships end. The idea of celebrating said relationships’ existence is a comforting way to express it.

”Wind in My Sails” - Earl Sweatshirt

God I loved Odd Future. They gave us so many talented artists, Earl being one of their best. While I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside wasn’t my favorite of last year, I can’t help but admire the guy. His flow sounds so nonchalant and indifferent but in every song he puts out there are one or two lines that blows me away. “Wind in My Sails” is no different:

See a lot of niggas talk on the bench
A lotta father figures followin' trends, I ain't involved with 'em
Lemmings like to fall off of cliffs and bring they squad with ‘em.

Also have to give props to Alchemist, who’s production here is excellent. The bass line tied in with the soul sample and subtle piano keys keep the track moving.

”I Was Wrong” - A R I Z O N A

The lyrics are pretty straightforward, the electronic beats and accompanying acoustic guitar riff barely (if ever) change, and the lead singer’s vocal performance is the furthest thing from rangy. Yet, I can’t get this one out of my head. Music be crazy like that sometimes.

”G.O.M.D. - Live in Fayetteville, NC” - J. Cole

J. Cole can be easy to hate on, but one thing about him that can’t be knocked is his unwavering loyalty to his hometown of Fayetteville, NC. He put on a massive show there back in August and brought out Jay-Z and Drake. With the concert’s video release on HBO this past week, the live album dropped as well. As someone who is well-versed in the Hollywood Cole discography, “G.O.M.D.” is my pick for his best song and my theory held true on the live album. With a proper pair of headphones this shit will have you flying through walls Terry Tate-style. It had my so hype on Friday morning that I ran it back five times straight like Hov and Ye did for “Paris”. I also had a stank face going and definitely scared a pigeon or two on my walk to work.

CONCERT OF THE WEEK: Flying Lotus, Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Winner by technicality. “Never Catch Me” is the Helen Keller Apples to Apples card of live music: it will never lose. Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th”, which FlyLo masterfully samples in the video above, has been undefeated since 2001.

TRESKE’S BEST OF LAST WEEK: “Yamborghini High” - A$AP Mob X Juicy J

On January 18, 2015, one of the most influential tastemakers in the world of hip-hop passed away from a drug overdose (Sidenote: His last tweet was “BODEINE BRAZY”... That breaks my freaking heart). Steven Rodriguez, better known as A$AP Yams, was the mastermind of A$AP Worldwide and a visionary who played a large role in the current prominence of A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg (one of the most underrated rappers alive IMO). Yams saw hip-hop in its current form of regional and stylistic blending and helped mold the genre to his vision. At the core of Yams vision was a sound that strives to be dark, seductive, and alluring. Y’all ever seen the video to Purple Swag? A$AP has always been the coolest collective around, but very darkly so.

Dangerous magnetism is at the crux of this song. You hurtle along at breakneck pace while a chorus of angels of death are grounded by pummeling bass. A$AP Rocky manages to sound paradoxically apathetic and confrontational and A$AP Ferg brings his manic energy to my favorite verse of the month. How better to honor someone than to celebrate what they loved? Something tells me Yams would have called this joint FIRE.

BEST OF LAST WEEK: ”Smoke & Retribution” - Flume X Vince Staples X Kucka

This song is a collaboration made in heaven. On one hand you have Flume, one of the fastest-rising stars in the EDM circuit after his self-titled debut and remixes of Disclosure’s “You & Me” and Lorde’s “Tennis Court” were very well-received. On the other hand you have Vince Staples, who’s album Summertime ’06 was the biggest critical debut of the year next to Fetty Wap. Both have their own unique style: the Aussie producer likes to play with space and silence in his work while the Long Beach rapper’s socially conscious rhymes are barked across his tracks. Mixing the two together with Kucka’s sexy voice? Straight plasma. You’ll be hearing this song in clubs all year if that’s your thing. In a more selfish tone, it’ll be on my Spotify party playlist for longer than that.

Semi-related musing: Vince Staples is the best brand ambassador in the game.

SOURCE: Mass Appeal

Even peep the first line of “Norf Norf!”

To close, I’ll provide a Squints-esque theory: if Flume repped Robotussin and Kucka repped jolly ranchers, they could team up and create a Voltron-esque version of Future.