New Music Tuesday (On Wednesday) - 4/8/15

”Louisa” - Lord Huron It's not secret that Darren and I are big fans of Lord Huron. I haven't been able to listen to Strange Trails just yet, but "Louisa" is a good example of their capabilities. Their folk music is more Dirty Harry than it is George and Lenny»


This week, the Earhole staff is debuting a new podcast in lieu of our #staffchat piece. In the podcast, we are quite literally chatting about any musical topic that strikes the fancy. This week, we reviewed the first quarter of the year in music. Which albums, songs, and artists were»

Porter's St. Patrick's Day Playlist

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Earholers! The staff is somewhat divided about the importance of this holiday. In one corner is Ethan, who trolled Porter about his fandom of Dropkick Murpheys and shared his thoughts on the phoniness of St. Paddy's. In the other corner is not-really-Irish-but-sort-of-Bostonian-so-we-guess-that-counts Porter, who put together»

Filet Mig- 3/13

Sorry, your browser isn't dope enough to handle this podcast. Hello Ladies and Gents! What a mix coming at you fresh from the grill! Your host and DJ, Andrew Treske, elected to record in the morning for a little more shut eye and the mix is ON POINT. Sleep is»

Music Video Monday- 3/9/15

Happy post-DST Monday! Although that extra hour of sleep could definitely be used on this Monday, it doesn't hurt to have some more light. Speaking of light... our writers once more have shed light on some fantastic music videos so we hope you enjoy these. MARYAM: “Young Girls” - Princess»

The Gang Gets Nomenclatural

Because we can't get enought of each other as it is, the Earhole staff comes together (virtually cuz we're hi-tech) to discuss a predetermined topic each week. We've termed this #StaffChat. If there's anything you'd like us to discuss, let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook»

Filet Mig- 2/27

Hello Ladies and Gents! After a slight reprieve, FILET MIG IS BACK. A great episode featured for you guys with androgynous singers, Mariah Carey 90's splendor, and the King of Pop making a very special appearance. Enjoy the podcast! Sorry, your browser isn't dope enough to handle this podcast. Tracklist»

The Gang Is Guilty

Every week, we like to have a staff-wide conversation about a predetermined topic, which we then post here for your amusement. We've termed this #StaffChat. If you'd like to suggest a topic for us to talk about, let us know on our Twitter or Facebook pages. Sometimes you feel guilty»