Filet Mig- 2/6

Hello Ladies and Gents! Welcome to another episode of Filet Mig! We have some truly choice cuts laid out for you this week with a mix including D'Angelo, Harriet and the Astronauts etc., Jai Paul (Subtle Plug), Freddie Gibbs, and many more! Remember, we at Filet Mig are always open»

A Long Delayed Review for a Long Delayed Album: D'Angelo and the Vanguard's Black Messiah

I am about to ask you to go to a dark, dark place; Imagine that Frank Ocean disappeared from the public sphere entirely, stopped releasing any music or giving interviews, and began descending into a harrowing world of personal darkness that precipitated self-destruction, addiction, and even an embarrassing arrest for»

Filet Mig- 1/23


Hello Ladies and Gents, I have always wanted to host a radio show in an Annie Mac kind of way. Talking nonsense and compiling great tunes? Well, I usually have one of those covered pretty easily. In the age of DIY, it was time to get finally to this! This»