STAFFCHAT: Panthers Winning, d00k Losing, Mario, And Anderson .Paak

importer [9:36 PM] Waaaaazzzzzaaaaaaaaappppppp
squints [9:36 PM] hey-yo
dkataja [9:37 PM] I was just trying to figure something out
importer [9:37 PM] Thanks for waiting, just took the commute from hell. New York City and snow dont mix
dkataja [9:37 PM] Y'all watch the NFL right?
squints [9:37 PM] sometimes
importer [9:37 PM] i dont wanna talk about it
dkataja [9:37 PM] #KeepPounding
importer [9:38 PM] #AnyoneButPeyton
dkataja [9:38 PM] #YesWeCam
squints [9:38 PM] cam did the DJ Esco dance and i’ve never been more excited about anything. all ill will is lost
dkataja [9:38 PM] I hope y'all will be able to attend Peyton Manning's retirement party on February 7. Should be a boisterous affair
importer [9:39 PM] After that pic with Future and Jeezy, Cam may never lose again
dkataja [9:39 PM] Speaking of losing again, D00K
importer [9:40 PM] They spend a whole lot of time complaining about not having Amile Jefferson when they have Grayson Allen, Chase Jeter, and Brandon Ingram
squints [9:40 PM] grayson allen looks like ted cruz
dkataja [9:40 PM] Grayson Allen looks like coach k's grandkids in that awful ESPN commercial
importer [9:41 PM] But enough about losers
importer [9:41 PM] Let's talk about a winner
importer [9:41 PM] Perhaps Anderson .Paak?
dkataja [9:42 PM] His new album Malibu is absolutely one of the first real winners of 2016
importer [9:42 PM] It's really damn good, and we owe credit to squints for putting us on
importer [9:42 PM] How'd you find this guy anyway?
squints [9:42 PM] oh man this is embarrassing
importer [9:43 PM] yessssssss
squints [9:43 PM] first time i ever heard him was because “realla” by tokimonsta featuring him was playing in a video game stream i was watching
instantly fell in love with his voice. second song i heard with him was “drugs” from his previous album Venice, and that completely solidified it
dkataja [9:45 PM] This is a lazy comparison, but he sounds so much like Kendrick Lamar
squints [9:45 PM] that’s interesting, i’ve always heard a ton of james brown
importer [9:45 PM] He also found himself on Dre's ​Compton​ and Goldlink's ​And After That, We Didn't Talk
importer [9:45 PM] I hear a little D'angelo
squints [9:46 PM] i was listening to Compton without looking at the tracklist, and when “all in a day’s work” come on i swore it was some obscure james brown sample i’d never heard before
dkataja [9:47 PM] Ok this IS interesting. The first time I heard "Your Prime" from Malibu, I was certain Kendrick was guest spotting on the first verse
dkataja [9:47 PM] Especially the part where he picks up his cadence after the "You aren't even old enough to be jaded" line
importer [9:48 PM] It's kinda wild that he can so seamlessly flow from rapping to singing
dkataja [9:48 PM] importer [9:48 PM] I think only Drake can do that, but I could be wrong
dkataja [9:49 PM] That's how I've come to distinguish him from Kendrick
dkataja [9:49 PM] That flexibility shows up in a lot of other ways on the album as well. He showcases a surprising amount of musical styles on Malibu
dkataja [9:49 PM] There's tastes of all the artists already mentioned - Kendrick, James Brown, D'Angelo. But also Leon Bridges
importer [9:51 PM] Ergo, Sam Cooke
dkataja [9:51 PM] Right
dkataja [9:51 PM] "Put Me Thru" and the chorus of "Silicon Valley" are the specific Sam Cooke/Leon Bridges callouts
squints [9:52 PM] oh man can we talk about “silicon valley"
squints [9:52 PM] that’s my favorite song on the record
dkataja [9:53 PM] importer [9:53 PM] Amazing song name
dkataja [9:53 PM] Amazing opening line
dkataja [9:53 PM] "All of that ass you carryin / you gotta be shittin me"
squints [9:54 PM] the third verse is incredible
squints [9:54 PM] he’s doing the singing/fast rapping cocaine 80s-ish flow he does so well, and the spoken girl part works so well. “can you fuck me already” going into the third chorus is a surprisingly uplifting moment
squints [9:55 PM] the song’s an example of what i liked so much about parts of Venice – something that at first seems super low-brow, but actually contains really nuanced societal observations
dkataja [9:56 PM] "You can get a new rack for 5k / you can get a rapper by Friday"
importer [9:56 PM] lord this song is filthy
dkataja [9:56 PM] It's about boobs and sex
squints [9:56 PM] the chorus is perfect. “open your heart, x spots the mark"
squints [9:56 PM] very rare pun that involves both treasure maps AND cosmetic surgery
squints [9:57 PM] it starts in that clever and crass way that works the same way great blues songs work…and then goes full-on crass
importer [9:57 PM] It's almost like a song you'd hear on Wild n' Out, but just way better
squints [9:58 PM] while containing an actual message about genuineness in the face of surgical augmentation
importer [9:58 PM] exactly, very nuanced
squints [9:59 PM] that kind of juxtaposition and tone-switching is what anderson does extremely well
dkataja [10:01 PM] To go a little more macro on the tone switching idea, how about "Come Down" as another example of Anderson owning a completely separate musical style
dkataja [10:01 PM] He covers so much territory
dkataja [10:01 PM] If you played someone who didn't know the record "Silicon Valley" and "Come Down" back to back, they'd have a hard time placing them on the same record by the same artist
dkataja [10:01 PM] squints [10:03 PM] “come down” is definitely one of the more james brown-y songs on the record
importer [10:03 PM] That bassline is unbelieveable
dkataja [10:03 PM] Best bassline since Kevin Parker
[10:04] The chorus goes hard af too.
importer [10:04 PM] "Now you, drank up all my liquor, come on What I'm 'posed to do now?
And you talkin' all that shit, now come on
You gonna have to back it up
If I get too high now, sugar, come on
I might never come down"
importer [10:04 PM] That staccato in those lines are so mean: Now YOU. DRANK. UP. All my liquor.
squints [10:05 PM] aggressively aggressive
importer [10:06 PM] So James Brown
dkataja [10:06 PM] Another prominent stylistic choice is the interweaving of the surfer interview
squints [10:07 PM] so california
dkataja [10:07 PM] A pretty obvious thematic tie to the album title
dkataja [10:07 PM] ^right
dkataja [10:07 PM] How do y'all feel about that? I'm not sure it's as fluid as I want it to be
dkataja [10:07 PM] Maybe I haven't spent enough time with the lyrics to appreciate the connection between the surfer and the music
squints [10:08 PM] the first thing it reminded me of was the news report from the beginning of Compton, actually
squints [10:08 PM] thematically totally different, but serves the same purpose – setting a place and mood
dkataja [10:09 PM] As you said, so California
importer [10:11 PM] Alright, so I addressed my favorite song on the album a few weeks ago in my Best of Last Week article, so I'll touch on my second favorite:
importer [10:11 PM] importer [10:13 PM] To go along with the surf interview, the songs opens with: "Besides surfing, what do you think about? Love, for instance?"
importer [10:13 PM] "I don't think about it, I make it."
importer [10:14 PM] something about that surfer lifestyle that is carefree and in the moment
importer [10:14 PM] no need to stress about things, just let things happen and ride with whatever is given to you
dkataja [10:15 PM] Let the waves take you where they may
Come on squints, one more surf pun
squints [10:15 PM] carefree is such a great word for that song – he switches up his flow in both verses and it’s just so smooth
squints [10:15 PM] surf puns? those are a low ha-ha
importer [10:16 PM] It also shows his youthful energy
importer [10:16 PM] He may be 29, but compare it to the verse The Game drops on this album
squints [10:17 PM] okay here’s a thing
squints [10:17 PM] i have a pet peeve with rap references to Uber
dkataja [10:17 PM] Game out here tryna rap about wifi and uber to seem connected
squints [10:18 PM] yeah he might as well switch to LTE bc that wifi connection is weak
importer [10:18 PM] Im not well versed on Game's discography, but what an unexpected unrequited love verse
squints [10:19 PM] pretty atypical for him
squints [10:19 PM] definitely not his lane
squints [10:19 PM] biggest point of reference for me was ja rule’s collabs with ashanti
importer [10:20 PM] You'd expect him to go in on all the women he beds
importer [10:20 PM] But he takes an L here

squints [10:21 PM] you’d think. i’m amazed he didn't namedrop any other rappers
importer [10:22 PM] I thought his verse was a weird placement, but it goes well against Paak's easygoing mentality
importer [10:22 PM] The Game is rigid, aggressive like the new report, and as a result unhappy
importer [10:22 PM] Also, minor detail, but the way the samples come together in the beginning gets me all hot and bothered
squints [10:24 PM] oh man speaking of samples, i think i might be crazy
squints [10:24 PM] but does the intro/outro to “heart don’t stand a chance” sample yoshi? from mario
importer [10:25 PM] YES!!!!!!!
importer [10:25 PM] Picked that up instantly!
squints [10:25 PM] second greatest mario sample in rap history
importer [10:25 PM] Second to...
squints [10:26 PM] “elevators (me and you)"
dkataja [10:27 PM] Ok wow that is Yoshi. Holy shit
dkataja [10:27 PM] Throwback to Smash Bros my sophomore year of college
dkataja [10:27 PM] My suitemate Luke was too good at the Yoshi spike. Also, getting egged off the edge by Yoshi is the worst way to die in that game
dkataja [10:27 PM] Underused character imo
importer [10:28 PM] Who was your go-to?
dkataja [10:28 PM] I fucked people up with kirby for a long time
squints [10:28 PM] also, that song is worthy of a shout-out for being the first song i can think of that rhymes “hall & oates” with “chronic smoke"
importer [10:29 PM] oooooooh that coin sound is so subtle
importer [10:29 PM]

importer [10:29 PM] In case you were wondering, Fox McCloud was my guy since Star Fox 64
squints [10:30 PM] #TeamPikachuDownBSpam
dkataja [10:30 PM] My favorite was stealing DK's mega punch power and then boomin fools with that shit
squints [10:31 PM] ANYWAY
importer [10:31 PM] WAIT
squints [10:31 PM] FINE
importer [10:31 PM] If we're talking Kart, there was only one person to ride with:
importer [10:31 PM] importer [10:31 PM] Okay @squints get us all focused again jeeeeez
squints [10:32 PM] legitimate thank you for sharing that. shoutout to shawn stealing a golf cart in college
squints [10:32 PM] squints [10:32 PM] but the last thing i want to touch on is how great the album’s closing track is
importer [10:33 PM] The amount of Ghostriding the Whip I attempted in high school is embarassing
squints [10:34 PM] “the dreamer” is such a perfect encapsulation of the album’s entire sound

squints [10:34 PM] it paints these great nostalgic pictures of paak’s roots
squints [10:34 PM] “i wanted them nikes, mama got me lugz"
squints [10:34 PM] the the chorus is this perfect limo-roof-down-with-your-middle-fingers up anthem
importer [10:35 PM] "I'm a product of the tube and the free lunch Living room, watching old reruns"
importer [10:35 PM] TV was my third parent, was really cool to hear that in his music
dkataja [10:36 PM] Our esteemed colleague Treske had a take regarding that roof-down aspect to this album
dkataja [10:36 PM] Since he's not here I'll share it. Wasn't this album dropped at the wrong time of year?
dkataja [10:36 PM] This is summer music. Not #Snowpocalypse2016 music
squints [10:37 PM] on one hand yes – this is such a summer album and i can’t wait to revisit it when it’s nice out
squints [10:37 PM] on the other hand – i needed this music in this weather
importer [10:38 PM] Exactly
importer [10:38 PM] You know how miserable this blizzard has been?
squints [10:38 PM] so miserable
dkataja [10:38 PM] Can only listen to so much Decemberists in the winter I guess
importer [10:39 PM] And if this album is as good as we think it is, we'll be playing it in the summer too
importer [10:39 PM] I really do hope it's relistenability is strong
squints [10:39 PM] i think there’s also a huge striking-while-the-iron-is-hot aspect to it
dkataja [10:39 PM] tbh, i've rolled all my windows down and blasted this album already
squints [10:39 PM] after Compton, anderson paak is seriously on the verge of blowing the fuck up
importer [10:40 PM] Lot of potential with this guy, but he's already kinetic
dkataja [10:41 PM] SCIENCE
squints [10:41 PM] lol kinetic energy puns
importer [10:41 PM] :shrug:
importer [10:41 PM] damnit, someone do it for me!
dkataja [10:41 PM] (backslash)
squints [10:41 PM] ¯_(ツ)
dkataja [10:41 PM] ¯_(ツ)

importer [10:41 PM] ¯_(ツ)
squints [10:41 PM] ¯_(ツ)