Earhole is a music blog founded in 2015 by three college friends. We met as undergrads at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and quickly realized how much we loved talking about music with one another.

We are looking to create a community in which we can share our thoughts on music’s past, present, and future. Whether our thoughts are right or wrong is up for debate, but we hope that Earhole's content spurs the kinds of conversations that we had for so many (drunken) nights at school. We’ll also do our best to enhance your listening experience by putting you on to music we can’t stop listening to.

We are:

Ian Porter is a Brooklyn transplant by way of Cohasset, MA. While he's probably only known as "The White Guy" in his neighborhood, he's more famously known as "That Guy Who Takes Over Your Music At Your Party". He takes pride in eclectic music taste, ranging from This Indie Band to That Underground Rapper.

Andrew Treske is a fan of all music. He particularly favors electronic, hip-hop, indie, and vagrant cat noises. He lives in the rural South and endures the daily battle of not wanting to turn down his bass-pummeling rap music versus not wanting to get shot on his town's main street. He likes to write semi-coherent things and make low-quality, semi-coherent podcasts.

Jake Spinella is a recent UNC graduate with a Bachelor's in philosophy. He currently works full-time for low pay and is contemplating graduate school. He enjoys pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and long sojourns into critical theory. His favorite musicians are Charles Mingus, Steve Reich, My Bloody Valentine, The Beach Boys, Sleater-Kinney, and Kanye. He firmly believes that "swerve" is a lifestyle, not just a word.

Darren Kataja, the baby of the group, is finishing out his final semester at UNC. He is more than likely better than you at racquetball but understands that this matters very little. He's played guitar for 8 years but can't sing, which limits his options.

Ethan "Squints" Butler is the site's resident Durhamite. During the day, he works as a web developer, making him the least unqualified member of the staff to take care of the codin' and graphic designin' aspects of Earhole. Ethan's music tastes vary wildly from day to day, but mostly always circle back to Big L and Emerson Lake & Palmer.

Also, Ethan's pretty big into open source and would like to give a shoutout to the fine people behind Ghost, Bootstrap, and GulpJS, without whom this site wouldn't look nearly as dope.

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