A Week In The Life: Ian Porter

A Week In The Life posts chronicle an Earhole writers' last seven days in terms of the songs that helped them celebrate, unwind, turn up, or simply survive. Here's what music has defined Ian's past week.

Monday, March 2nd: "Move On Up" by Curtis Mayfield

Take nothing less than the supreme best
Do not obey for most people say that you can pass the test
Just move on up to a greater day
With just a little faith, if you put your mind to it, you can surely do it

Today is the culmination of two and a half years of chasing my dream. Lunch is packed, clothes are ironed, face is shaved, and I'm about to walk into the office building of my new job working in the music industry. As I walk into the building with the trumpet blaring and congo drums thumping in my headphones, I get to the elevator door. I've come all this way--from MA to NC back to MA and now here in NY--and I'm standing on the ground floor. I smile when I realize that there's only one direction to go.

Tuesday, March 3rd: "Preach" by Drake ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

You ever hit a lull when you're working, and then a song comes on and you get your second wind? Yeah, it was this song today. And when I mean a second wind, I mean warp speed. I went bananas on that work.

Drake's albxtape gets better with each listen. Say what you want about Champagne Papi, but he knows how to make banger.

Wednesday, March 4th: "I Need A Dollar" by Aloe Blacc

Growing up, I never understood the value of money. I only saw it as a means to get candy and games for my PS2. Even in college it was hard to visualize it because everyone around me was slumming it like I was. But now that I'm out in the world, I'm starting realize its importance.

I was walking to the band today and saw a man in a dry-cleaned suit with a Rolex on his wrist walking by a homeless man. I've heard stories of co-workers and friends having their credit cards compromised. I've seen kids around 8 years old selling candy on the subways for money. Being in the city with so many people with limited opportunities, the competition for more money is always on display.

So I pick this song, the theme song for the criminally underrated How to Make it in America, because in some way everyone is hungry for a dollar here. Myself included. And while "money can't buy happiness" is a saying I strongly belive in, there must be some benchmark where it has to.

Thursday, March 5th: "I Hate The Snow" from the Harvey in Hey Arnold!

No joke, this shit will not stop falling. This sounds like a bummer song, and I had a great day so I can't really complain, but this precipitation has gotta stop!

Side note: Did you know Hey Arnold! has it's own wiki site?

Friday, March 6th: "G.O.O.D. Friday" by Kanye West ft. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Charlie Wilson

Everybody has their rituals. Tom Brady takes naps before Super Bowls. Performers rub the wood of the famous Apollo Theater for good luck. Every Friday, I play this song. It puts me in a good mood, whether it be to start my work, finish off a good or bad day, or get a party going.

This job is awesome, I really like the people I'm working with, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. What a better way to finish my first week of work than to throw this on and share a a beer with my co-workers?

Saturday, March 7th: TIE between "Raise Up" by Petey Pablo and "Everybody Hurts" by REM

A lot of songs represent the lovely UNC. "Wagon Wheel" by OCMS (and NOT the Darius Rucker version). "Carolina on My Mind" by James Taylor. The alma mater, of course. But when you're tryna turn up for d00k-UNC, Petey Pablo is the only option.

And then we blow it and I drink too much and then I feel like this:

Sunday, March 8th: "Not So Blue" by Quantic

The sun is still out at 6pm. I'm chillin in my bed, setting up the Earhole rundown for the week and motivating myself to get clothes ready for work tomorrow. It was a wild week filled with highs and lows. But after months of living life up in the air it's finally nice to be in a groove. And there's no finer groove than this amazing song.

It's an admittedly weird video, but it's message is one I really relate to: