A Week In The Life: Ethan Butler

A Week In The Life posts chronicle an Earhole writers' last seven days in terms of the songs that helped them celebrate, unwind, turn up, or simply survive. Here's what music has defined Ethan's past week.

Monday, March 9th: The Theme Song From Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

It's ironic that the only excuse for anyone who hasn't binge-watched this show since its March 6th release on Netflix is probably being trapped in an underground bunker. This show is fantastic, and its theme song--which would be a send-up of autotuned news reports were it not produced by The Gregory Brothers, who invented that genre--will be stuck in your head for a regrettable amount of time.

(I was actually going to write a piece on how much I dislike that sort of viral video, but the show itself addressed that same topic and did a better job than I would. Seriously, watch this show.)

Anyway, Monday was the biggest game of drag-ass I've played in awhile after staying up until like 3 watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Tuesday, March 10: "Keep You" by Wild Belle

I featured this song on last week's Fresh Pot, and I think the phrase "no ragrets" is in order--this isn't a recent track, but I've been re-obssessing over it recently. Sticking it on Fresh Pot made me remember how great a song it is. I'm not typically too big on white people playing reggae, but Wild Belle include enough electronic and psychedelic influences to make it not only palatable, but actually kind of awesome.

Tuesday was a fairly low-key day of work--not a lot going on in the office--and this is the sort of song which is absolutely perfect for that sort of day.

Wednesday, March 11: "Can You Get To That" by Funkadelic

Another low-key day. Sometimes you have to make your own excitement. And by that, I mean listen to Funkadelic all day at work. I also made tea.

(My weeks usually aren't this low-key; this was the worst week for it be my turn on this column.)

Thursday, March 12: "L Y F" by WU LYF

HOW WAS THURSDAY MY FIRST TIME LISTENING TO THIS ALBUM. This band is/was incredible--I'll have to listen to Go Tell Fire To The Mountain a few more times to be conclusive, but this is one of those rare records that comes around that you'd reckon might actually be perfect. Afropop drums, post rock guitars, and vocals that can best be describes as lil' homie doing an impression of Macy Gray trying Inuit-style throat singing for the first time while being stabbed in a cigarette factory--this record is incredible.

As an aside, I have a ton of respect for artists who make one landmark album and then completely bow out, like WU LYF or New Radicals or whomever. I'd rather have that than the second Alt-J record.

Friday, March 13: "Look Out For Detox" by Kendrick Lamar

I am riding the Kendrick Lamar hype train ALL the way to the station, folks--this will be made abundantly clear in tomorrow's Staffchat. I listened to good kid, m.A.A.d city all the way through like three times at work Friday, and it felt like I was hearing it for the first time again.

This song isn't on that record, but it was on my Friday night pregame playlist. If you've never seen me stomp around my living room with an Anchor Steam in my hand trying to rap every word to this at the very top of my lungs, you're luckier than my friends.

(Also, I like to think my performance made Duke lose. I can't explain the logic there but humor me.)

Saturday, March 14: "Brother" by Mac DeMarco

I'm going say this: on Saturday, for someone reason I was in the mood to drive to Whole Foods while listening to Mac DeMarco so I could buy the following items: two bags of whole-grain tortilla chips, a bucket of chicken wings, two lemons, an actual whole 3.5 pound chicken, a gallon of Naked juice, and a package of sundried tomatoes...and I'm not going to say anything else.

Sunday, March 15: "Let It Happen" by Tame Imapala

I went back to Whole Foods.