A Week In The Life: Andrew Treske

A Week In The Life posts chronicle an Earhole writers' last seven days in terms of the songs that helped them celebrate, unwind, turn up, or simply survive. Here's what music has defined Andrew's past week.

Monday, March 16: "Wesley's Theory" by Kendrick Lamar

I woke up on Monday morning ready for the slow ascent into the rhythm of the professional week. Everything tends to move slowly on Mondays for me (I am not alone there). Particularly, getting out of bed. But this Monday was different. The cool thing about having amazing people in your life is that if Kendrick surprise releases an album in the middle of the night, you wake up to five texts about it. Needless to say, that was the exact shock I needed to the system.

My first play of the album was ritualistic. Deep breath in, exhale slowly. Wait until all your focus can be given to the music on the way to work. Crank to volume 55. Bask. Crank to volume 60.

Tuesday, March 17: "Coronus the Terminator" by Flying Lotus

In full candor, this is the only non-Kendrick song that I listened to the whole day. After getting far too worn out with all the responsibilities of blog/work/life, lying back in my bed at 9:30pm with the lights off and candles lit to this was perfect. Yes, that sounds super weird, but IMMA DO ME. FlyLo is just the man. This song, which is supposed to mirror ascension to an astral and spiritual plane after death, does a pretty good job at making me feel all types of ways in that regard. So peaceful and contemplative. Kendrick was smart to have FlyLo influence his album so heavily. After hearing this song, how could you not want what he has going on?

Wednesday, March 18: "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder

This day was just one of "those" days. One of those "come home from work, immediately remove pants and catatonically lay around while listening to music and playing FIFA for hours" days. For one reason or the other, I was not vibing on pretty much anything going down throughout the day. Well, with the massive exception of my used Stevie Wonder vinyl that I purchased last weekend, Songs In the Key of Life. Yeah, I know, who cares about my hipster cred vinyl purchase. That statement is warranted. But, I am excited about it, so please let me have this moment. Nothing like listening to the the soul/funk boogie of "I Wish" while wishing so badly that Will Smith hadn't kind of ruined it with "Wild Wild West". But hey, we still have the original.

Thursday, March 19: "Colomb" by Nicolas Jaar

I don't know if it is the distorted French vocals, or the claps, or the lurking bass line, but this song makes me feel way cooler than I am. Like way cooler. Once more, I felt pretty checked out of the day and needed something laid back to drift to. Perfect night tuneage. He is one of those musicians that only continues to rise in my esteem.

Friday, March 20: "Flashlight" by Bonobo

Dancing is cool. Dancing by yourself in your boxers to celebrate the end of a week that somehow always felt like it was passing you by is infinitely cooler. Especially if you have a hot date with college basketball and an early bedtime to look forward to after you finish your groove sesh replete with stank-faced good vibes. I love how subtly danceable this song is. Also, bonobo monkeys have sex for fun, so that is cool.

Saturday, March 21: "Pedestrian At Best" by Courtney Barnett

After a long week, I figured it would be cool to pack a bag and head home for a night. An awesome luxury, no doubt. I have a niece that is five-months-old and I had to go play with that little bundle of joy and fecal matter. Just my luck, the day was resplendently beautiful and windows-down cruising was possible. Legit, one of my favorite "little things" in the world. Flying down I-85 South while blaring Courtney Barnett and screaming at the top of my lungs gave me life. Spring is upon us people. Life is good.

Sunday, March 22: "You'll Never Walk Alone" by Liverpool Football Club Fans

For those of you who didn't know from my incessant and likely obnoxious tweeting, I am a completely obsessive Liverpool Football Club fan. As a club, we have one of the best pre-game traditions in all of sports. The entire club raucously sings "You'll Never Walk Alone" at full, passionate blare. It never fails to give me goosebumps.

This weekend, we had an absolutely MASSIVE fixture against the club that stands for all that is evil in this world, Manchester United. They are Liverpool's Dook, to put it in perspective. Except if we lived in nightmare alternate reality where Dook had been winning the ACC constantly while UNC-Chapel Hill came close and competitive, but never got the job done (yes, Liverpool fans are in a constant state of anguish and misery). The game was a nightmare. Club legend, Steven Gerrard (akin to LFC's Jesus), decided to go American History X on an opponents leg and got a red card within 34 seconds of his introduction to the game. It felt like Gandalf turned on Frodo. Confusion, despair, confusion, anguish, confusion. We lost in flames. I still feel hollow.